Ramesh Ghimire
Ramesh GhimireStartup entrepreneur.

What is the best scrum tool for a small web development team?

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  1. Stephen Co
    Stephen CoFounder of Northern Circuits Inc. · Written
    This is the best one by far. Pricing is fairly cheap too, it won't break your bank. JIRA pretty much owns this space amongst small and large companies.
  2. 1

    Your github workflow open sourced.

    Stephen Co
    Stephen CoFounder of Northern Circuits Inc. · Written
    In addition to JIRA above, Waffle.io is probably a close second. Very similar and has great integration with Github. Recommended for people who want to support the underdogs.
  3. 1

    Beautiful team chat with tightly integrated task management

    Augusto Monteiro
    Augusto MonteiroSoftware Engineer at @MycroftAI · Written
    I'm using this one and really liking is easy to add tasks and track it
    • Alex Heeton
      Alex HeetonProduct & Technology consultant

      My team switch to Flow a few months ago and we've been really enjoying it. Coming from Trello after it got a little bloated with all our process on top of the simple lists, this was just enough organisation on top to get things going again. I really recommend it for small teams.

    • Julian Dormon
      Julian DormonFounder of Proofpix.com and

      Can't live without this product. Managing my project and people has never been easier.