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What's the best tool to recruit engineers?

I'm looking for tools to find the best engineers
6 recommended
  1. L Magar
    L MagarSoftware Developer Β· Written
    They provide vetted developers from same time zone as you are at a flat 35 USD/hour rate ! What else can you ask for ?
  2. 7

    A fast and easy way to hire software engineers

    I'd recommend you to check YouTeam, a marketplace where you can recruit developers managed by other agencies. The idea is to bridge the gap between hiring an individual freelancer and the added vetting and accountability using an agency affords. You have to simply search for a technology, browse available profiles, book interviews with desired specialists and only then you get to meet their agencies in a matter of minutes. You benefit from the vetting a reputable agency provides and the fact that YouTeam takes payment and handles any disputes. For the agency worker themselves, they arguably get a reliable and potentially more interesting stream of work without a hassle.
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    Breezy HR

    Trello for Recruiting. Start your free trial today

    Jayca Pike
    Jayca PikeSenior Digital @ Ember Tribe Β· Written
    Have you tried Breezy? Couple reasons, at least: Post all of your engineering jobs straight to the premium job boards they look at in a single click. Source directly into custom position pipelines or candidate pools from sites like AngelList and GitHub (also in a single click). Ridiculously simple to use/Trello-like UI; plus awesome tools like Tasks that remind you to follow-up with candidates; self-scheduling calendars; *tons* of collaborative features for a better team and candidate experience. Altogether a really powerful and balanced platform to organize your whole hiring process - so you hire better talent, faster (engineers included πŸ˜‰).
  4. 2
    Drafted for Teams

    Hire candidates connected to your team and extended network

    Vinayak Ranade
    Vinayak RanadeCEO at Drafted Β· Written
    Vinayak Ranade made this product
    I'm biased, since I'm the founder and CEO. I think the best tool to recruit is through referrals, as I experienced first hand doing technical recruiting at KAYAK. But great intros come through having a great community around your company and making it easy for them to help you. Drafted automatically surfaces referrals waiting to happen by matching people in your company network to open positions. The key difference between Drafted and other platforms is that Drafted is not limited to your employees, it's open for your community, just like PH ;)
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    A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool

    Beth Hudson
    Beth HudsonSocial Media Marketer, Recruitee Β· Written
    Recruitee is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that allows you to streamline your hiring and post to multiple job boards at once. I also wrote a blog post for them with a bunch of the best job boards for hiring software engineers if you'd like to check that out: https://recruitee.com/blog/best-...
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    Oleksandr Kozeniuk
    Oleksandr KozeniukSEO specialist at Engre Marketplace Β· Written
    Oleksandr Kozeniuk made this product
    Much of this depends on the type of engineer you need. Many tools are suitable for regular developers. But if you need rare engineers associated with a specific industry such as aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, chemicals etc. I recommend using Engre. Which will help you find a dedicated team of engineers for your business projects