Steven ZhengStartup Analyst

What apps do you use to track news of a specific sector?

Hi PH, I am looking for apps that mimic how Google news functions to track news in a specific sector. For example, let's say I am interested in a niche sector like eSports what would you use to track all the news in the eSports industry? Thanks!
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    John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Quartz gives you options of what news to receive on your phone, I use the ios app for quartz and snooze the trump news :)
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    Google Alerts

    Monitor the web for interesting new content (redesigned)

    I personally use Google Alerts, it's great to set up email alerts for very specific key words.
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    Online news, TV + social media monitoring in real-time.

    Nick LouiCo-Founder, PeakMetrics · Written
    Nick Loui made this product
    Catches more than Google Alerts. Includes radio/TV and social as well as influencer identification.