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What's the best tool to compress video?

In my last few client projects, I've worked with video and I'm looking to optimize them for the internet, anyone have some cool recommendations? Preferably something that runs on native macOS. But a site would be tight too!
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    Handbrake 1.0

    The open source video transcoder 13 years in the making

    ChrissyWeb Developer · Written
    Open source with a clean UI and plenty of options.
    Tweegenic1Noble Investor · Written
    One software which I know can compress the size of a video file without losing on significant amount of video quality is Handbrake. I have tried it myself and it does a decent job. Try it yourself. It’s free for download on their official website.
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    FFmpeg 3.0

    Encode, convert & stream audio and video

    x2Software developer · Written
    Premium quality cross-platform open-source free solution.
  3. Braxton – seeking design opportunities🎓Creator traveling the world 🙌🏻 · Written
    It quickly and easily reduces video size online for free
  4. Intuitive UI and has support for a wide range of formats.
  5. Nono GhannamBuilding awesome startups from MENA 🦄 · Written
    Works with chats, VR, music videos, and anything in between.