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Which tool can I use to create a quick email campaign from Gmail? to 350+ email subscribers.

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    Convert leads & retain customers with marketing automation

    Palash Bagchi made this product
    Retainly supports any SMTP services including that of your personal Gmail. Just activate your Gmail SMTP and start sending emails.
    • Alan Houser
      Alan HouserFounder - Designer at Squareflair

      The whole site reads like it was translated to English through a Fiverr coupon. I still don't understand the service offering. It’s like they’re so wrapped-up in their own internal process to realize that visitors aren’t speaking their same language. (figuratively and literally)

    • I cancelled the free account because I really didn't understand how it works

  2. 2

    A simple and easy to use solution for cold emails

    Best one out there imo. Sends emails directly from your Gmail, unlike Mailchimp.
    • Jói Sigurdsson
      Jói SigurdssonFounder/CEO, CrankWheel

      MailShake just works, and is a pleasure to use. The price is very reasonable and there are some really good guides on their site for how to do email outreach and more. If I had one feature request it would be to integrate with Google Sheets so I don't have to download a CSV and then upload it to MailShake, but that's a minor niggle.

    • Luiz Centenaro
      Luiz CentenaroDigital Marketing Consultant

      I used Mailshake for years before joining the team to help it grow. Coming from a sales background I used many tools to cold email. Mailshake is the most simple tool and extremely effective from a Gsuite email.

      In addition to closing dozens of eCommerce consulting deals, I was able to get free accommodation in Bali by emailing resorts and offering to exchange drone footage. Very versatile tool because you can simply add in more mail accounts.

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    Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)

    Run well-targeted email campaigns with Gmail & Google Sheets

    LathaAnnurSubramanimGrowth marketing consultant · Written
    Quick to create and send email campaigns from Gmail to your mailing list on Google Sheets. For a great prices of $24 per year, you can send upto 400 emails/day.
    • Joe Minock
      Joe / Rails & JS Dev

      I've been using YAMM for over a year now. I've used it for investor / stakeholder updates, team updates, etc. In terms of efficiency, I save a boatload of time and can keep track of who is getting my messages.

      It's the best of it's class.

    • Tejaswi R
      Tejaswi RBuilding @TypitoHQ. Ex @VWO @Pipe_monk

      I set it up within minutes. The google sheets integration is smooth. Sent out campaign to 300+ in one day with personalization and scheduling. The feature set is pretty expansive. Looking forward to use the Saleforce integration. If it works well, that would be epic! Very straightforward to use and measure success

      Meanwhile I think an onboarding guide will really help after setting up the account. Somehow I missed it and had to spend a bit of time to understand how to setup my first campaign.

  4. You can use MailChimp to manage email campaigns.
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    Increase newsletter open rate with artificial intelligence.

    A great option, especially considering that you have less than 2 500 subscribers which means you can send your campaign for free. Despite this the functionality has few limitations, it's easy to use and you can always check the results of your campaign.
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  6. John Ababseh
    John Ababseh10Epiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Robly is an AI powered email tool that will automatically send a message to your subscribers after 10 days of them not opening the email with a new header.