Whats the best audio/video group conferencing tool (without major bugs or CPU usage)?

Skype isn't particularly excellent software (after more than 10 years), yet people are using it – mostly because they can't find anything better, I suppose.
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    Make your teamwork better

    Philipp Bohn
    Philipp Bohn4VP Circuit and CEO blueKiwi software · Written
    Philipp Bohn made this product
    We come from the corporate telephony space and have invested significantly in Circuit‘s voice and video capabilities, incl. easy guest access with no plugins, scalability with up to 300 concurrent participants, dial-ins, etc. Beyond voice and video, Circuit also offers team chat, files, communities and screensharing. You can sign up yourself and 99 more users at www.circuit.com Let me know if you have any questions.
    Additionaly you have the ability to integrate circuit with other systems using one of the APIs: https://circuit.github.io/
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    Efficient video meetings with up to 12 people!

    Appear.in runs in the browser, with no software needed or log in required. Pretty solid connections I find.
    Gavin Jones
    Gavin JonesFounder, Elixel · Written
    I love Appear in and also recommend it. Just send a link to the people you want to chat to.
    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt Pliszkaresearching SaaS software @ pickSaaS.com

      I really love the software and we're using it at picksaas to do video conferencing. The best thing about is it that everybody can enter with just one link, like the simplicity!

    • Matheus Guerra Costa
      Matheus Guerra CostaGrowth Hacker @ 12min

      Best video conference tools I've ever used! Skip those first 10 minutes of meetings on Skype that people just say "Can you hear me? How about now?", and just start talking!

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    Teams for Wire

    Secure team messaging

    Siim Teller
    Siim TellerMarketing @Wire · Written
    If security and privacy are important then Wire is the end-to-end encrypted, Europe-based alternative that allows up to 10 participants in a call. Works in a web browser but also has desktop and mobile clients.
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    Cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings

    Zoom is great for stability, multi person conversations, has mobile apps, and can record a call and export video and MP3 files.
    • Anthony Recenello
      Anthony RecenelloDating Coach and Head of Wolf & Garden

      The audio quality is so bad that it's the same level as a payphone. Really not worth paying money for when there are better solutions.

  5. Discord is one of the more promising candidates, yet it's still lacking screen sharing feature. Many people will try to replace Skype with it, once that feature is there…
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    Google Hangouts

    New web app for Google Hangouts cross-device messaging app

    John Ababseh
    John Ababseh10Epiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Google hangouts has been a lot better since it was upgraded
  7. Free, lightweight and with clients that work on almost anything.