Joao Duarte
Joao DuarteProduct Manager @Kiss my Score

What's the best tool for employee recognition?

I'm looking for the best tool to recognize employees on a daily basis.
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    HeyTaco! 2

    Bring your team together with our unique kindness currency.

    Emily Hodgins
    Emily HodginsCOO @ Product Hunt · Written
    This is a fun slack integration that allows you and your team to recognise when someone has done something great by sending then a little taco emoji. 🌮 Recognition for doing good things doesn't always need to be a grand gesture. The little things can also make a positive impact.
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    Growbot for Microsoft Teams

    A fun way to give kudos to your teammates!

    Ben Terry
    Ben TerryPartner, Access Ventures · Written
    We've been using this slack integration and love it! We created a channel dedicated for celebrating people on our team.
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    Tap My Back
    It's a simple app that makes it easy to recognize everyone's work, and it has a Slack Integration :)
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    Social performance management tool

    Jon Maldia
    Jon MaldiaMaker | Entrepreneur | Developer · Written
    Great for feedback, recognition, and OKRs.
    thomas ross
    thomas rossStartup analyser and investor · Written
    7Geese is! Being 100% online, our recognition center can be customized to your own core values (including team-specific values), helping you showcase togetherness in a way where you tie appreciation to something deeper that engages everyone in values-driven efforts
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    Lead Honestly

    One-on-one questions to actively engage employees.

    Shay Howe
    Shay HoweCo-founder of Lead Honestly · Written
    Shay Howe made this product
    Lead Honestly is my go to for team management, specifically as a leader. It helps facilitate all of our 1-on-1 meetings, provides a pulse of how the team is doing, and tracks action items we need to do.
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    Briq for Slack

    Engage your team with easy daily recognition

    Thomas DIDIER
    Thomas DIDIERHead of Marketing · Written
    Briq lets you show recognition thanks to virtual credits with a simple Slack command.
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    Engagement platform to make your team the best it can be

    Alex Potrivaev
    Alex PotrivaevProduct Designer and Entrepreneur · Written
    Alex Potrivaev made this product
    When building Teambit, we realised that if you are trying to focus only on public recognition, you’re missing a huge part of the picture. So we designed Teambit to focus on making feedback in all it’s forms a daily habit, whether it’s in a form of a personal 1:1 feedback, public praise, surveys or reviews. By making all of those things work together, you can holistically improve your team’s performance and engagement.
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    Leapsome Development Framework

    Provide your team with a roadmap for professional growth

    Kajetan Armansperg
    Kajetan ArmanspergCo-Founder @ · Written
    Kajetan Armansperg made this product
    Leapsome offers a simple solution to give and request feedback and share praise. It comes with Slack & Gmail integrations, is fun to use and offers a variety of other interesting features like managing goals and running reviews.