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What is your favorite language learning app / resource?

Bonus points if Mandarin is included *glares at Duolingo*
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    Learn languages completely free.

    John Ababseh10Epiphany Enthusiast · Written
    I use this off and on when I'm inspired to touch up on some basic language learning.
  2. 3

    Learn Anything

    Flashcards for learning different stuff including languages
    Sam HaseltinePre-sales solution consultant at Adobe · Written
    I loved using Memrise - found it really accessible to learn the basics of Swedish. Found the Push Notifications to be a little bit too much for me however, but after switching them off I've not been so good at logging in and learning again, so a bit of a catch 22!
  3. Graeme FultonMaking and emailOtter 🐭 · Written
    Helps you to speak more than most other apps I came across
  4. Kovács MátéIndie iOS Developer · Written
    I use Babbel almost daily to do this!
  5. 2

    Learn a language in 200 hours

    Ed TurnerTechnical Marketer · Written
    Make the most of your time spent learning – Lingvist is awesome for flashcards, exercises, etc. I'm a big fan, use it pretty much every day.