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What's the best product analytics tool?

I've worked with Mixpanel but am looking for something that does more with funnels. More specifically, I want to be able to wrap a number of actions under one event to create steps like "Activated", "Engaged" and "Power User". Amplitude can do this with Behavioral Cohorts, but it's an enterprise feature that's wildly expensive. What tools have you worked with that have this capability?
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    Smartlook Qualitative Analytics

    Free user recording, heatmaps and analytics for sites & apps

    Kein ColemanCRO consultant · Written
    For CRO, it is one of the best tool. It works well in combination to Mixpanel.
    Lukas MehnertB2B SaaS Marketer · Written
    Lukas Mehnert made this product
    Because you can combine the power of video recordings with event tracking and funnels.
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    Capture everything and measure instantly.

    Marek PasiecznyMarketing Analyst @Futuramo · Written
    I can also recommend this tool. Easy to setup (don't need to have advanced JS knowledge), easy to build/visualize funnels and segments.
    Hussein YahfoufiCo-founder 👉 · Written
    Have you tried Heap?
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    Product Analytics and Innovation

    John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Maybe try Countly that allows your platform to use the data and apply it where necessary in addition to a clean way to present your analytics.
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    Open Web Analytics Platform

    Helen LarsenStart up geek, investor, money addicted. · Written
    Despite of imperfect UI design this tool will give you all important data about your website.
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    Kissmetrics Funnel Report

    Track any funnel you want based on behavior or attributes

    Mixpanel had a huge limitation with its funnels. Funnels were exclusively "loose" funnels - meaning that the events in the funnel didn't have to occur 1 right after another in order. I'd go with KISSmetrics or HeapAnalytics.
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    End redundant SDK integrations. Accelerate development.

    John TanProduct & Growth · Written
    Has the ability to build actionable audience segments using a combination of data. Seems to be used by Airbnb, Spotify, King and Venmo so worth a chat with them? Let us know how it compares to mixpanel!
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    Visually analyze actual user behavior inside your mobile app

    Tigran HakobyanDirector of Marketing at SuperAnnotate · Edited
    Tigran Hakobyan made this product
    Inapptics provides you the visibility that other analytics tools lack. With just one line of code, you can easily integrate it into your app and analyze user behavior in your app.
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    Baremetrics Forecast

    Predict the future w/ cash flow, MRR & customer forecasting

    kosovanCEO, MacPaw Inc. · Written
    Great for SaS and subscription business.
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    Amplitude + Slack

    Share insights with anyone on Slack

    Amplitude is quite similar to Mixpanel but allow you to create custom event which aggregate several events
  10. Marek PasiecznyMarketing Analyst @Futuramo · Written
    Very powerful tool, good for funnel visalization and visual tracking
  11. Cameron RoeGrowth Consultant, Entrepreneur · Written
    I would stick with the trusty Google Analytics. Not only can you do Cohort Analysis in the Audience section, but you can create segments of users based on the actions they've taken (events), look at users flows from these segments, and actually integrate all the other Google products for optimization.
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    Open source business intelligence - Installs in 5 minutes

    Benjamin PowellProduct manager & Co-Founder · Written
    I used this on an AWS instance, took next to no time to set up, and pretty cheap as you're only paying for the instance. Configuring the dashboard is a little bit of a learning curve, but the best thing is that it connects directly to your database, so you can work with any customer data you are collecting.
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    A platform for ALL your company’s data.

    Rakam is a product analytics tool that lets you to analyse your customer data and understand your users behaviour in a seamless way. I can briefly summarise the three main use cases of Rakam for your company: 1. If you need to create metrics on top of your raw event tables in your data warehouse, Rakam provides a simple interface so that you don't need to write SQL queries. 2. You can basically run funnel and retention queries on your data warehouse cluster. This is especially useful if you join your event data with marketing or offline data. 3. You can basically define row-level and table-level access for your data in your data warehouse internally in your organization, use taxonomy feature for your data warehouse cluster etc. You can sign up for the demo and try it out from the
  14. The above Link has the list of 10 best product analytics tool from India that made it big. I think Sales Decision Engine by BRIDGEi2i tool suits your requirement. Sales Decision Engine is the AI powered sales enablement suite by BRIDGEi2i that helps transform sales organisations by enabling better visibility, accurate forecasting, actionable insights, and improved effectiveness for sales leaders, sales ops teams, and sales reps. SDE easily integrates with CRM systems and can be customised as per business needs owing to its flexible and scalable architecture. SDE has been featured by Gartner in its Market Guide for SaaS-based predictive analytics applications for B2B sales and marketing. SDE’s modules leverage advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence and address sales processes across the funnel
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    Experience analytics for your mobile app

    Our users report achieving all of this within 3 months of using UXCam: 1. Increased retention rate 2. Higher conversions 3. Optimized onboarding UXCam has a 100% free plan. If you want to improve your app UX, take 30 seconds of your time and book a demo.
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    See how your users really are using your cloud app

    Michael San Martim made this product
    plug and play analytics for busy teams ( super easy to install and extract information)
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    Customer Analytics for Everyone

    Esmeralda Martinez made this product
    Indicative might be what you're looking for. We have a cohorts tool that allows for more complex analysis that Amplitude's cohorts tool, and also has a multipath funnel functionality that allows you to compare the various user paths to reduce friction and optimize conversion. If you go to Indicative's Product Hunt page, you can see a few screenshots.