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What's the first app you launch when you're bored?

I hate that when I have a "dull" moment, I launch Facebook. There must be more interesting/stimulating/motivating apps out there. What's yours?
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    Instagram 8

    A new look for Instagram

    Mike Coutermarsh
    Mike Coutermarsh74Code @ GitHub Β· Written
    Instagram gets me. I even watch the stories. I think because they are more discoverable. Also - stories from athletes/celebrities are more interesting than my friends (sorry friends!) πŸ˜€
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    Product Hunt 4.0

    Now with Reviews, Badges, Web Links, and more ✨

    Hussein Yahfoufi
    Hussein YahfoufiFamily and Tech. Β· Written
    Not on the app yet (unless I missed it) but I do find myself coming here a lot on the web
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    Arun Sathiya
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic Β· Written
    Totally. I love Ask Product Hunt these days. :D
    • Arun Sathiya
      Arun SathiyaHappiness Engineer, Automattic

      Product Hunt 4.0 is the best that has happened to Product Hunt yet. Easily one of my most favorite websites these days, and I see myself coming back daily to maintain my streak. I am at a 20 day streak now and I hope to see badges evolve with daily streaks - some sort of perks for people coming more often?

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    • Ramy
      RamyFounder @ Letterfuel

      This update is super useful for people deciding whether or not to use a product. Sometime you want to do a deep dive into a product before deciding whether or not to use it.

      The "😻 reviews" feature, as well as the "πŸ”— Around the Web" section makes this deep dive super easy.

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    Reddit App

    The official app for Android & iOS. Meow.

    Leo Full Stack Developer Β· Written
    So many sub reddits to get into from funny to the interesting and everything in between
    Chris Travers
    Chris Travershttp://travers.tech Β· Written
    I don't know how to close this app.
    R A I Z A
    R A I Z A🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado · Written
    πŸ‘€ I've broken free of Reddit and it's come to haunt me
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    Flipboard 4.0

    Personalize deeper with smart magazines

    Gives me good content to consume. Can't explain it better than that.
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    Medium 2.0

    A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

    Chetan Menaria
    Chetan MenariaGraphics, Web & UI/UX Designer Β· Written
    I read at least 5 articles everyday from medium, this is more useful than checking status of some strangers :)
    Maged Morsy
    Maged MorsyProduct Designer @instabug Β· Written
    Golden content from experts on various topics and interests !
    R A I Z A
    R A I Z A🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado · Written
    YEAH! I always forget about Medium πŸ€”
    • Nathan Brown
      Nathan BrownWeb & Mobile Growth Consultant

      I've loved Medium for a long time - in fact I still hear from people (other authors wanting to link/interview me, prospective clients, etc.) every singe month directly from my very first Medium post.

      Medium on mobile is...so-so. Much better than the original app, but the nature of a content network means there's a ton to fit on a small screen's UX.

      My only real issue with the app is the writing interface (which should be Medium's strongest point if the website is any indication). It's reminiscent of the beloved Medium writing interface, but some of the features

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    • Larisa Deac
      Larisa DeacUX/UI Designer

      I've used many blog editors out there, and none has proven to be as easy and user friendly as Medium.

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  6. Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc Β· Written
    I love pocket. Particularly the "Recommended" tab within the app. Gets me good reading material from people I follow.
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    New Twitter Apps

    All new design for Twitter's mobile apps

    Hung Truong
    Hung TruongHead of Product at Buyer Discovery Β· Written
    My #1 app to get the latest updates about the things I'm interested. A wealth of information controlled by who you choose to follow.
    Tarun Gangwani
    Tarun GangwaniProduct, dev.twitch.tv Β· Written
    Not much better than Facebook, but nice to see what's going on (and ensuring we didn't get bombed).
    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc Β· Written
    +1 to the fact that you have greater control over content.
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    Quartz for iPhone

    An ongoing conversation about the news

    John Ababseh
    John Ababseh10Epiphany Enthusiast Β· Written
    Always trying to stay current with the most recent news around the world
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    Clash Royale

    The next game from Supercell, makers of Clash of Clan

    Hussein Yahfoufi
    Hussein YahfoufiFamily and Tech. Β· Written
    Not sure this is more interesting/stimulating/motivating but it is more fun
    Great strategy game that only takes about 2 to 5 minutes per match. Perfect when you're standing idle, waiting for a call, or for water to boil.
    Arun Sathiya
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic Β· Written
    Used to play this, but lost interest rather quick. Neat game though.
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    Connect with fellow developers over fun rants about tech

    MickFounder of SongBox.Rocks Β· Written
    Great community, very active, content is always fresh and relevant... and funny.
    Reme Le Hane
    Reme Le HaneWEb Application Developer Β· Written
    Nothing better than reading the fun and horror stories from fellow developers
    • RubΓ©n ExpΓ³sito
      RubΓ©n ExpΓ³sitoMobile App Developer

      DevRant is simply and great. A space where each developer that a little sense of humor or just need a page where he wanna express himself with a great community that will understand you.

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    60 Seconds Everyday

    The fastest way of daily journaling

    Niv Dror
    Niv Dror15VC at Shrug Capital Β· Written
    Not the first thing, but something I'd like to start doing... Journaling your day in 60 second, everyone has time for that, and the end result, and the end of the year (or even month) would be very cool to see and have.
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  12. 6
    Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

    Adorable Japanese cat-collecting game. Meow!

    It's just really interesting to play this game, though, it's not that dynamic but helps to calm.
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  13. Get some news you know you want.
  14. 5

    Stories for curious minds

    David Adamu
    David Adamu3Maker. Product Designer @Andela Β· Written
    Hardbound is a great way to get more knowledge in a very short period of time (average 5 mins), while being highly immersive. I fire it up to turn boredom-time into knowledge-time.
    • Pooja Shah
      Pooja Shahautomation nerd

      Just started reading on Hardbound, came here from a friend's blogpost https://medium.com/@findabhilash/a-reading-experience-that-will-blow-your-mind-913e26234474

      And I wanna say, love you Natha and Joe for creating it so so so so so good. You know how human brain works and how can they understand and remember more. I've pride in saying, I'm addicted :)

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  15. Sudarsan Gp
    Sudarsan GpSoftware Dev, Side project enthusiast Β· Written
    Quora as it provides interesting stories and perspectives from a diverse group of individuals.
  16. 6

    turntable.fm for spotify

    JasonFounder JQBX Β· Written
    Jason made this product
    Talk about music with strangers or friends. Discover some cool new music. Enhance your daydreaming with some tunes... lots of reasons to reach for this one when you're bored!
  17. Helen Larsen
    Helen LarsenStart up geek, investor, money addicted. Β· Written
    You can spend your free time usefully, earning money for visiting other websites and so on. And this app can help you ;)
  18. 5

    Discover podcasts through comedians you love!

    Niv Dror
    Niv Dror15VC at Shrug Capital Β· Written
    Love listening to comedy podcasts to take my mind of things. Highly recommend the Laughable app, which shows you all the podcast episodes your favorite comedians have been on.
  19. 3

    Learn languages completely free.

    Tarik Kurspahic
    Tarik KurspahicEVP Technology digi.me | CTO TeamData Β· Written
    They have micro moments down to a science! You can get utility from just a few minutes of learning a language. Perfect for those quick breaks...
    Lori Kingshott
    Lori KingshottApp Dev for Fun Β· Written
    I like to learn all of the time. And this App is well-done.
    • Molly Redmond
      Molly RedmondSocial Media Specialist

      My reading and listening skills have improved so much since using Duolingo, I couldn't recommend it more. I'm not naive in thinking it will make it fluent as it's not the best for speaking skills but has vastly helped me improve and build up my language confidence.

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    • Ted Beam
      Ted BeamOld School Presby

      I listed "gem restrictions" because I would like to use it without limitations, but I understand that it is part of their business model.

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    Google Arts & Culture

    Explore artworks, artifacts, and more from over 850 museums

    The app is very well designed, and it is pleasant to learn about culture and art. There are a few stories every day and it's very visual and interesting.
    • Reggie Bloom
      Reggie BloomGraduate from Uni Syndey Design

      I really like this app but enjoy Google in general. Finding rare images can be challenging anyway without specific parameters. Overall good tool.

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