Nosherwan ArbabPhD Scholar, Tech Contributor,

What is the best app to keep name cards?

Please recommend some app which can save name card contacts to phone
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    The new NoteLedge
    Peter MaxwellClient Director, Learning & Development · Written
    I think NoteLedge might be a good option for you - it's easy to store and manage all kinds of files, including name cards, since all your content is synced to all your devices, finding the right file/name card shouldn't be difficult at all. This app is multi-functional - you can take notes, digitize your ideas, edit PDFs (highlight and annotate), create a knowledge library with an easy to manage web and media content. This app is a good fit for students, business owners, teachers and more.
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    Evernote Scannable

    Multi-purpose scanning app from Evernote (iPhone)

    Dmitriy LevchenkoMaking things at · Written
    Scannable, is good one for business cards and paper docs
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    Professional Business Card Reader and Manager.

    John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Free version is up to 200 contacts, it scans in i think 17 languages, and organizes the cards for you.
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