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What is the best Terminal alternative for Mac?

The best options for using Mac's console.
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    Mac OS Terminal Replacement

    AyrtonUsed to build Product Hunt. · Written
    Another popular alternative and has been around for many years is iTerm2.
    Beau GundersonSr. Software Gardener, Canvas Medical · Written
    Advanced terminal settings, customizable keyboard shortcuts, bash integration, great emoji support, and support for 16.7 million colors in the terminal are why I use and recommend iTerm 2. If you don't care about those things then there are faster terminals available, however.
    LewisDeveloper and Youtuber · Written
    Extremely lightweight and customizable. By far my favourite option for terminal on Mac.
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    Hyper 1.0.0

    Terminal built and extensible with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

    I love Hyper! It *is,* however, still a bit buggy. I would say wait a few more months before jumping on this bandwagon, but goddamn is it a sweet chariot.
    Mitchell StarkeyFront end developer - Queens, NY · Written
    I use Hyper.js. Works just the same as Terminal, but it's more customizable and changes things up a bit. Nice to have if you use the Terminal every day.
  3. Beau GundersonSr. Software Gardener, Canvas Medical · Written
    Alacritty lacks the features of more mature terminal emulators but makes up for it in raw speed.
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  4. Beau GundersonSr. Software Gardener, Canvas Medical · Written
    Kitty is an OpenGL terminal emulator similar to Alacritty but with an emphasis on customization (which can be accomplished easily due to the UI layer being written in Python).
  5. Hans VoorstenJava Developer, Data Source · Written
    It combines a file manager and a terminal and makes them work in harmony. Extremely user-friendly.
  6. Autocompletion box as you type and tries to be smart about what to suggest. All command-line programs (including emacs, ssh, and vim) should work as expected.