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What are some alternatives to OneDrive Files on Demand?

Way back in the day, Microsoft offered "placeholder" files for its' OneDrive service on Windows 8.1. They took it away — allegedly because it confused users — but they're bringing it back with a new name, "Files on Demand." Also recently, Dropbox debuted "Smart Sync" (aka "Project Infinite") for its' Windows and Mac clients. THE BIG DRAW: both "Files on Demand" and "Smart Sync" allow you to see ALL of your cloud storage (for the respective Dropbox/OneDrive service) without having to fully-sync all of these files to your hard drive. This can be a life-saver for those with smaller SSD drives. LIMITS: the problem with OneDrive's solution is that it's only available on Windows 10 (and only in preview builds right now; more broadly available in the Fall Creators Update). The problem with the solution from Dropbox is that it's only available for business plans (currently) and those have a high point of entry in terms of cost. THE ASK: all in all, I'm seeking recommendations for similar products/services that allow you to see all cloud storage files without fully synchronizing them to your desktop or laptop, along with the following features (similar to that of the OneDrive/Dropbox solutions): - files are available natively in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder; - files are visible from within — and accessible to — all 3rd-party apps; and - files should not take up hard drive space unless downloaded or electively-sync'd. At this point, I'm looking for ANY alternatives to either OneDrive's "Files on Demand" or Dropbox' "Smart Sync" features — but I'd specifically love to find some options that allow for more flexibility in terms of pricing (I.E., lower point of entry and more granular pricing). Thanks!
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