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In our opinion, a prototype without hi-fi interactions is rather useless. For anyone. Hence, we built ProtoPie, the hi-fi prototyping tool that enables designers to create superior prototypes containing the most sophisticated interactions you could imagine as easy as pie without having to get your hands dirty with code. The gradual learning curve of ProtoPie is due to its intuitive UI which is based on the concept model and philosophy behind the product. This concept model entails that an interaction consists of an object, a trigger and a response, simplifying the whole process of prototyping. Other strong suits: - Fully utilize sensors in your smart devices for your prototypes easily. - Share and deploy your prototypes anywhere and anytime using the ProtoPie Player app or simply any web browser. - Seamless integration with Sketch and Adobe XD CC allowing you to go back and forth between design and prototyping hassle-free. More features (e.g. collaboration) and other cool stuff are on the way at this moment ;) If you have any questions, fire away :)
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