Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith ShanbhagHead of Social at Product Hunt

What's the simplest way to share curated links via a newsletter and why?

I'm planning to start a weekly newsletter of just a little intro with curated links. I've looked at Revue, TinyLetter, Refind etc, but still not convinced as to which one to use.
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    Revue 2.0

    The easiest way to create and send a curated newsletter

    Chrome extension plus super easy UI = WIN!
  2. Rebecca Pollard
    Rebecca PollardDigital Marketing Manager, AWeber · Written
    This app is a great and easy way to created curated newsletters with links! Check it out for sure.
  3. 2

    A simplest way to share links with your team/community

    The beginning of Product Hunt was Linkydink
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    Grow your audience by sharing truly engaging content weekly

    Tarun Gangwani
    Tarun GangwaniProduct, · Written
    This one is easy to use, has a nice bookmarklet.
  5. 1

    Deliver posts to the inboxes of your Medium followers

    Amrith Shanbhag
    Amrith Shanbhag6Head of Social at Product Hunt · Written
    Anybody used this?
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    Build beautiful email newsletters with drag-and-drop editor

    Paraj Mathur
    Paraj MathurCandela Partners, ShopFlash · Written
    I started my personal newsletter with them and I like it so far. Its not perfect, but customer service is extremely prompt and I like the drag and drop feature since its pretty comprehensive and pretty.