Looking an App to manage personal life

There are so many apps around managing startups etc. I'm on the hunt for an app I can manage my personal life too personal budget/finances, goals/tasks, important documents, appointments.
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    Take control of your money, budget, debt & savings

    These guys had a good launch recently around financial management. Only available in the US though.
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    Note taking gets even simpler

    This may not be a sexy recommendation but Evernote rules. I have a pro account and share notebooks with my wife. We manage side businesses, shopping lists, birthdays gift ideas and a whole bunch of other stuff using notes.
  3. My wife and I start our home life collab with Google Drive. It allows us to share all the vital documents. We used Google Keep on top of this for simple to do's for awhile but it got clunky and I think Google will kill it.
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Instead of Google keep, we use Todoist as we can have seperate 'projects' for different areas of home life.
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    Automatic productivity & time tracking for macOS

    Manage your personal life requires organization and patient to impute everything you have to-do. To remind you what you have to-do, you only need a schedule (Google or Apple Calender is enough). So, I was tired to impute every single thing, and I have tested more than 10 apps for manage my life... Now I use Qbserve and there, the only thing I have to-do is categorizing the things that the app automatically tracks! I can create projects, invoices, alerts, and reminders to be more productive! More performance, less work!