Ben Parker
Ben ParkerDesigner/Front End Dev, rileyrichter

What's the best CMS for small businesses or non-profits?

Searching for a good CMS that I could use for small 10-15 page sites with multiple contributors. The CMS I'm using for about 50 clients is starting to get dated!
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    Ghost 1.0

    A new editor, new design and major upgrades

    Ghost is very very good.
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    Alex Kluew 🇨🇦
    Alex Kluew 🇨🇦👀for new ft 🏡 in Toronto || remote · Written
    Exception tool. Highly recommend it!!!
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    The New

    Publishing platform, reinvented, open source w/ new Mac app

    WordPress is still a champion in this space
    Doesn't need technical individual to setup
  3. Nichlas W. Andersen
    Nichlas W. AndersenArt Director & Graphic Designer · Written
    Nichlas W. Andersen made this product
    If you're familiar with Jekyll or Hugo, Forestry might be a good fit :)
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    Wix Code

    Build custom web applications & robust websites, hassle-free

    If you want to go beyond simple websites and get more interactive, then take a look at the new Wix offering....
  5. This is a great little CMS, highly recommended. Perch is lightweight, extensible and damn easy.
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    Philip Gwynne
    Philip GwynneLead Designer, CPI · Written
    I've been using Perch for years now and highly recommend it. It's the perfect fit for any type of build, big or small. As Nils' stated above, it's also brilliant at retro-fitting existing sites too. Use as much of it or as little as you need – it'll always be fast, secure and easy to use. Support is second to none too.
    Nils Mielke
    Nils · Written
    Perfect for retro-fitting existing sites. But also capable of catering to huge projects. Then there's the Members App, the Shop App, the Blog App,… Absolutely love it.
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    Create beautiful websites and blogs easily

    Some people really like Squarespace but personally I find it a bit clunky.
    Very useful if you need to sell things as well.
  7. Evan McDaniel
    Evan McDanielDirector of Technology, PJA Advertising · Written
    Webflow has great templates, the most powerful editor I've seen, and a super-simple content editor. Combined with good hosting options, and e-commerce integrations it's a platform well suited for non-profits.
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    A CMS like no other.

    Souvik Das Gupta
    Souvik Das GuptaCo-founder, Miranj · Written
    We’ve done a bunch of projects using Craft CMS for non-profits from large content websites to single pagers like The beauty of Craft CMS is that it does not come with any content / page structure assumptions, and you can hand craft each page or section, while providing a clean & simple admin interface to manage the content. Craft has a license fee, but the they offer help if the project finds it hard to fund it. Just write to them.
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    Tilda Publishing

    Build beautiful websites and tell stories without any code

    Tilda is a nice site builder with a handy editor and integrations with payment systems. It also has a code export feature to use it on your server.
    • Anna Filou
      Anna FilouTech Geek, Web Designer

      Tilda is mostly a joy to use, the huge variety of blocks and the control that the site gives you (almost everything is adjustable) allows you to create pretty much anything without code and the results look fantastic.

      Now, I'm not sure how well it's being maintained since some internal links on their homepage are broken (404).

      The big problem is that, at $10/month with annual payment and $15/month with monthly payment, it is relatively expensive. I think that most people interested in Tilda would be hobbyist writers or photographers (that's just my personal guess) so 120 $ year just for a side project is quite a lot when there are free options out there.

      Tilda does have a free option but many blocks are then locked, you cannot connect your own domain name and you are limited to a single page with 50 blocks in total (so blogs are out of the question on the free tier).

      Despite that I spent quite a few hours messing around with Tilda and I really do like what I see. I'd love to recommend it to my friends but know they'd find it too expensive.

    • Serge Galan
      Serge GalanSGFCMS Owner

      I'm inspired by the project, the people who work on it. It is really good, it develops no matter what, сonstantly there is something new, project management very attentively concerns feedback from users.

      For me, Tilda has become the main development environment. At first there were some objections, they say, it is necessary to write code in wordpad-like stuff, keep yourself in a sweater with deers, grow a beard... The prototype becomes a mock-up, another man makes a mock-up to become a design, the other makes layout, the programmers are working after and so on and so on..

      Guys, it`s 2018 outside!

      We do not need to stop the car every 30 km to fill a bucket of water in the radiator, right? Times are changing, so is the format of work on web projects has changed, and this is Tilda Publishing!

  10. Some non profits have rather large sites with lots of complex content taxonomy and hierarchy which Drupal handles well. Drupal is open source.
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    File-based CMS

    Ignaty Nikulin
    Ignaty NikulinFounder and CTO at Cone-headed Cat · Edited
    Kirby is a quite good for small websites, easy development, nice community and file based (no hustle with databases).
  12. Weebly is a drag + drop builder which a lot of the less tech savvy folks seem to like.
  13. Antonios Koumpenakis
    Antonios KoumpenakisSwift developer. The human behind keybot · Written
    Good foundational CMS, which a big variety of plugins. Slightly steeper learning curve than wordpress.
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    Grav 1.0

    Modern open source flat-file CMS to build faster websites

    Ignaty Nikulin
    Ignaty NikulinFounder and CTO at Cone-headed Cat · Written
    Same as Kirby with a bit different approach.
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    {S} Statamic

    A new kind of CMS for designers and developers.

    James Blair
    James BlairFounder, LionsMouth Digital · Written
    Statamic is one of the best flat-file CMS's -- its built on Laravel and the experience is truly exceptional for developers. Easy to use and customize for whatever your needs are.
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    October CMS

    The Platform that gets back to basics.

    Ignaty Nikulin
    Ignaty NikulinFounder and CTO at Cone-headed Cat · Written
    If you would need something for more complicated projects.
  17. Sambruce Joseph
    Sambruce JosephProduct Designer · Written
    WordPress FTW!
  18. It looks great on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones - jakweb template was built to shine on all devices. CMS is template based, create your own with only HTML and CSS knowledge.