Chris Messina
Chris MessinaProduct designer & entrepreneur

If you were to create a new podcast, what infrastructure would you use?

I have the recording equipment, but am not sure what platform or service to use. To complicate matters, I'd like to blend audio-only (old-skool) podcasts with vlog episodes. Is that one vlog (or podcast) that also has audio-only episodes? Should it be two separate things? Should I avoid confusing people and choose one publishing platform or format? (Disclosure: asking for a friend)
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    Podcasting on SoundCloud

    Now anyone can host a podcast on SoundCloud

    David V. Kimball
    David V. KimballFounder, Family Friendly Live · Written
    While certainly a controversial choice among the podcasting community, I suggest SoundCloud. I did a 6-month podcast called Beyond Tweeting ( While I recorded episodes, I live streamed to 5-7 different services at once (including YouTube). When I was finished, I'd edit the audio and upload to SoundCloud, distribute on Tumblr, and the live stream would already be on YouTube. My total costs were: Audio upload: SoundCloud, $15 per month Domain name/URL: Godaddy, $12 a year Web/site hosting: Tumblr, free The more standard suggestion would be to use BlueHost and a WordPress site. Good luck!
  2. Tarun Gangwani
    Tarun GangwaniProduct, · Written
    I used Blubrry for a couple of projects because I wanted them to be a part of a community and website, and I wanted something to just "handle" the XML feeds for Apple. There is a plugin with Wordpress that makes it easy to embed podcast episodes to blogs.