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Nick Neuman
Nick Neuman3Product at Casa · Written
I've spent a lot of time messing around with different project mgmt software (as I'm sure many people have). I have two takeaways from my own search: 1. I liked Asana the best. It has great ability to scale with the level of depth you need if you are a subscriber and have access to their "Custom Fields" feature. This lets you customize things you need to track per project. For example, on dev projects, we track business impact and effort to develop, but on operations projects, we track hardware needed and launch date. Asana is easy to pick up and understand for people who don't want to get too deep, but it's also capable of being very in depth. 2. Don't spend TOO much time evaluating project management tools. It's easy to get lost in the rabbit hole of trying a new tool and expecting it to solve all your project mgmt. and prioritization problems, when realistically you will still have the exact same problems once you switch because it's still your team using the tool. A tool can definitely help, but remember to actually get work done too! I only say all this because it's a mistake I've made myself. Good luck!