What are the best websites/apps to learn something new every day?

I'm looking for the best service to make learning an everyday habit.
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    Highbrow 2.0

    Bite-sized courses delivered to your inbox every morning

    Jonny Thaw
    Jonny ThawSide project procrastinator · Written
    I really liked some of the courses on Highbrow. A bit hit or miss, but it allows you to get slightly stuck into a single subject over a week or so EDIT: Just saw where you work.... well its a compliment i guess then at least?
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    Muzli 2

    All the design inspiration you need

    It's great Chrome extension for learning something new everyday
  3. Hanke Wickhorst
    Hanke WickhorstCo-Founder/CEO @TalkAboutJack · Written
    I love their daily digest - there's something new to learn in it every day.
    Quora is by far the best way to learn something new and personal growth if you follow the right topics. This app taught me a lot. Give it a try ❤
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    Learn something new everyday

    Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
    Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)7Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt · Written
    Owl is a simple app that sends you a new fact to learn each day. If you're not looking to learn something specific, like a language or skill, this is a simple app that will boost you're overall general knowledge.
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    Never Stop learning.

    Stephen Co
    Stephen CoFounder of Northern Circuits Inc. · Written
    This is an awesome product I use on my phone literally everyday.
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    Be smart, instantly

    sam4Assistant Principal. Father of twins. · Written
    Less to make you smart. More to make you clever. Great for randomness. Did you know a polar bear can smell a seal over 20 miles away? No? Me either until I visited Instanerd.
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    Hardbound 3.0

    Illustrated summaries of bestselling nonfiction books

    David Adamu
    David Adamu3Maker. Product Designer @Andela · Written
    With Hardbound, trust me you'd learn something fascinating/insightful that'll last you for years of added knowledge in just 5 minutes (per read). Highly recommended!
  8. Muhammad Vaid
    Muhammad VaidComputer Engineer · Written
    From site about: "Useful Interweb is updated every day with useful and educational links that will change your life." Not sure this is exactly what you're looking for though