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Nosherwan ArbabPhD Scholar, Tech Contributor,

What is the best free social media analytics tool?

I want to know about tools with major features as free.
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    Keep track of your brand online.

    Jakub Rogalski
    Jakub Rogalski39Community Manager at Brand24 · Written
    Jakub Rogalski made this product
    Well, I guess it will be difficult to find a really good quality free tool, and on top of that, it very much depends on what data you want to collect and analyze. In case you wanted to check out what the paid tools have to offer, many of them offer free trials that allow trying all the capabilities for a limited time period.
    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @

      Brand24 is a great app, especially if you're a business prone to any type of social media critics (like every type of business, nowadays?). It's just a much better way to know what people are saying about your brand then searching it through Google.

    • Mateusz Kurleto
      Mateusz KurletoTech entrepreneur and investor @Neoteric

      A great tool that helps me understand where and how people discuss certain topics like "Alternative to [MyCompetitorName]", "How to [Solve the problem I sell a solution to]" so I can engage personally and try to convert.

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    Intutel - Social Media Analytics

    Monitor brands & grow your social media with smart analytics

    Tweegenic1Noble Investor · Written
    Key features: • audience insights: follower growth, most engaging users, influencers in your fans • post analysis: by day, hour, type of posts, optimal time, • user post analysis: response times, top posts from customers, sentiment analysis • brand strategy: timeline of popular topics • competitive benchmark: compare engagement metrics across competitors
    • Lorena Gao
      Lorena GaoPE, CLUSTERTECH

      If the charts can be found in the facebook performance backend, and the same, this tool is not useful.

      I think the relationship and fans profile among the social data is more useful.

  3. Tejas Kinger
    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    The easiest way to schedule and analyze your social media posts.
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  4. Franz
    FranzTalkwalker · Written
    Talkwalker offers 2 free products: Talkwalker Free Search and Talkwalker Alerts. 1. Free Search allows you to track the total of mentions of any topic, keyword, website, celebrity or hashtag and also analyses it for you. You can dig deeper and see in which country this topic is the most famous, analyse by social network, by gender, etc... Very nice! Url : 2. Talkwalker Alerts delivers any mentions of your keyword(s) to your inbox every day - it’s worth mentioning that these mentions are high-quality mentions which are actionable. Url : Hope this helps!