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Girl Alex
Girl AlexπŸ‡²πŸ‡½VC @First Round Capital

I am finally trying the podcast thing πŸ’₯ Where do I start!? What is/are your favorite?

Sames rules as most bars: No politics, no religion and nothing that will stress me out more than my job πŸ˜‚
14 recommended
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    An all-new Intercom

    A bold aesthetic. Simplified navigation. Faster workflows.

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver Β· Written
    The inside intercom podcast is a wonderful deep-dive into lessons from one of the fastest growing startups.
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    The social podcast app 🎧

    Erik Berlin
    Erik BerlinMaker, Breaker Β· Written
    Erik Berlin made this product
    Instead of recommending a specific podcast, I’d recommend connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Breaker and following all your friends. Then you’ll be able to see what they like as they listen and get one-to-one recommendations that you can play right away!
    John Ababseh
    John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast Β· Written
    Love Breaker! I recommend it to all my friends, as it has a beautiful UI and allows you to be in sync with what your friends are listening to! My favorite podcasts to listen to are hidden brain, how I built this, 99% Invisible, the moth, ycombinator, revisionist history and ted talks daily!
    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. Β· Written
    Agree. No better people to give recommendations than your friends. I've found the best podcasts just by checking our what other people are listening to on the Breaker feed.
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    Mixergy Startup Stories

    Learn from 1000+ interviews including the Product Hunt story

    ✎ Andrew Warner made this product
    I'd love for you to check out my podcast. I talk to founders about how they built their businesses
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    Pocket Casts

    Powerful podcast manager for iOS & Android. New v.5 release.

    Jijo Sunny
    Jijo SunnyCEO, Buy Me a Coffee Β· Written
    It's a paid app, but totally worth it. So good a UI that it makes you come back to the app and listen to more!
  5. 3
    StartUp Podcast Season 2

    Following Dating Ring, a YC company run by 2 young women

    Alex Weber
    Alex WeberMarketing & Design Β· Written
    Very interesting (and close to heart) stories about how people start their startups, what makes them go on and how they make it work.
  6. 3
    Double Fine documentary

    The Double Fine documentary, now available to the public

    Nick Hollinger
    Nick HollingerCo-Founder & CEO @ Visitor Queue Β· Written
    Good for a range of topics. Wouldn't listen if you don't like profanity though:)
  7. 2
    Exponent - 53: Connect the Dots

    The value of optionality before you know where you're going.

    AleksandraProduct Marketing Β· Written
    A must if you want to get a deeper understanding of what is happening in tech and society.
  8. 1
    Charged newsletter

    Weekly roundup of tech, boiled down into bite sized pieces

    AleksandraProduct Marketing Β· Written
    Owen and John make an overview of the main tech news every week. I love it because it feels as if you were discussing them with friends :) And I love the Slack community around the podcast too!
  9. 1
    My Brother, My Brother and Me

    An advice show for the modern era

    Filip Wroblewski
    Filip WroblewskiDesigner, Little Big Make Β· Written
    If you are not afraid of laughing your ass off…
  10. 1
    Overcast 3.0

    A powerful yet simple podcast player

    I'm passionate about apps, and this is a great podcast to listen to if you love them too. It's hosted by two industry greats, @viticci and @johnvoorhees who work for @MacStoriesNet. The show goes for about 30 minutes and follows a consistent format, which makes it feel familiar and would be a great thing to try to emulate. They also have sponsors per episode where they give a little spiel on apps/services that listeners might be interested in. Finding sponsors to help cover your costs of producing your podcast - in an area where your target listeners would be interested in - would be a great thing to think about and plan for.
  11. 1
    Shows with Music, from Anchor & Spotify

    Combine your talk segments with music and share to Spotify.

    Can't believe Anchor hasn't been mentioned! For nice bite sized audio experiences, definitely check it out! There's something for everyone.
  12. 1
    From Startups For Startups

    50+ Hours of curated Interviews & podcasts

    Guillaume Bardet
    Guillaume BardetCMO @ Testimonial.to πŸ’œ Β· Written
    Guillaume Bardet made this product
    I just launched this curated list of interviews and podcasts yesterday, It is not exactly a standalone podcast like you mentioned but I had such an extended youtube history of great content I figured putting them into one clean website would be an interesting approach. I also find it to be a good starting point, feel free to suggest videos to add as well!
  13. 1
    The Empower Podcast

    Explore the early days of creators as they went from 0 to 1

    Sam Elliott
    Sam ElliottBuilding @empowerapp Β· Written
    Sam Elliott made this product
    Empower podcast interviews makers in their own right! People who have built mini-empires!
  14. 1
    Build Your SaaS

    A podcast about what it takes to launch a web app in 2018

    Justin Jackson
    Justin JacksonCo-founder of transistor.fm Β· Written
    Justin Jackson made this product
    When Jon and I started working on Transistor, we launched this podcast at the same time. Now, it's timeline of what it took to build, launch, and grow our startup to $500k+ in ARR.