Victoria Bujny
Victoria BujnyAccount Manager, Google

What apps or tools do you use to manage and invest your money?

I'm familiar with Betterment and Wealthfront but wanted to see what else is out there. :)
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    Helen Larsen
    Helen LarsenStart up geek, investor, money addicted. · Written
    You choose how much you want it to round up by each month from your credit card. And your money will be invested in your choice of stocks and shares Isa. The company is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority so if it was to go bust, your investments would be protected up to the value of £50,000.
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    Smart-Save by Stash

    Save your spare cash, automatically.

    Susie Concannon 🦄
    Susie Concannon 🦄Social Media @ eyeo/Adblock Plus · Written
    It's super easy to use, you can start with as little as $5, and it allows you to invest in things that interest you or causes you believe in.
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    Learn how to manage your personal finances

    John Ababseh
    John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Really easy to use platform, that allows you to go through important financial decisions in a checklist form