Greg Garnhart
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Where should I get creative-commons licensed photographs?

I have heard of pixabay and unsplash. Are there any others or are those the best? Do any have APIs?
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    Unsplash 4.0

    Free (do whatever you want) high-res photos

    Shivek Khurana
    Shivek KhuranaStoryteller - Wanderer · Written
    This is by far the best collection. It has an api too :
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    Pexels 2.0

    The best free stock photos in one place

    You can try pexels: If you need their API, you will need to email them. Here's the page where you can get more info on their API:
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    AI to find images that suit to your project.

    This is a little like pexels but they try to filter out the low quality images through AI. It searches across the leading paid and free providers. You can find out about their api here:
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