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Azahara EgeaHead of Operations

Which one is your favourite currency converter app?

Looking for an app which allows me to converter the amount of currency desired in a fun and easy way๐Ÿ˜œ.
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    Find.Exchange Currency Converter

    A currency converter with live rates that updates every 3s

    Julianne TrinhUX/UI Enthusiast ยท Written
    Recently just tried this converter from Find. Exchange- updates live rates every 3 seconds. Plus they have pretty cool backgrounds
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    AnnaI love travel and tech world ยท Written
    I tried Find.Exchange converter too, it works for me ;-)
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    Rim IPlive with love ยท Written
    I would recommend the Find.Exchange Currency Converter which has the live rates and nice design. I have been using it recently.
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    TW is great to convert and send money (https://transferwise.com/u/annam9)
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