Eivind Lindbråten
Eivind Lindbråten🦊 Developer, Oslo, Norway.

What app do you use regularly, but don't like (because of lack of better alternatives)?

Tell me about the apps you use on a regular basis, but you find lacking in some way or don't enjoy using. And where you haven't been able to find better alternatives. 😪
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  1. Great tool except it's pages are like Microsoft word, which I hate. I'd prefer something like with markdown support or simple text pages. The new redesigned version makes it even harder to navigate between notebooks.
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  2. Eivind Lindbråten
    Eivind Lindbråten🦊 Developer, Oslo, Norway. · Written
    I often have to edit or create vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator but don't enjoy using it. It's more than powerful enough, but it's a bit slow, it doesn't respect much of the macOS UI stuff (fullscreen, versioning, iCloud etc.), slow start and that it installs a lot of other apps, Creative Cloud stuff etc. And have it's own software update system. In fact I don't like the entire Creative Cloud solution, but for the other apps I use Sketch + Pixelmator.
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  3. 1

    Learn languages completely free.

    John Ababseh
    John Ababseh10Epiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Learning languages on a budget is hard, but Duolingo seems to lack the artificial learning component that would allow for a more integrated facilitation.
    • Molly Redmond
      Molly RedmondSocial Media Specialist

      My reading and listening skills have improved so much since using Duolingo, I couldn't recommend it more. I'm not naive in thinking it will make it fluent as it's not the best for speaking skills but has vastly helped me improve and build up my language confidence.

    • Ted Beam
      Ted BeamOld School Presby

      I listed "gem restrictions" because I would like to use it without limitations, but I understand that it is part of their business model.