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What tools or softwares do you prefer for making presentations?

Presentation makes communication easier,but they still take a hell lot of time to make.So what do you use to make good presentions quick
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    Complete presentation platform for professionals

    Roxana EfteneMarketing & Business Analysis · Written
    Roxana Eftene made this product
    It's easy-to-use and it has one hell of a lot of great resources that you could use to create great presentations.
    Alice TaylorSocial Media Specialist · Written
    Very nice templates. :)
  2. Augustine CharlyCreating a better world · Written
    I use this as it syncs across my devices. And I don't own any Apple product to use Keynote.
    Rafaella TheocharousGreat products sell themselves · Written
    I don't buy Microsoft offices anymore. All my presentations are in one place. You can use amazing templates. Also, I use it for my University's projects!
    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    The easiest, most powerful presentation tool out there. I love the fact that it autosaves, syncs across all my devices, and I really love the sharing/collaboration capabilities.
  3. Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    Canva has some great presentation design features and templates too!
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    Changing the linearity of presentation.

    This is pretty decent too.
  5. Ernests ŠtālsCEO, co-founder at · Written
    I use MS Powerpoint. In the end it is not about the tool but about the story and visuals which support it. That is much harder to crack than choosing tool.
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  6. Ramesh GhimireStartup entrepreneur. · Written
    Keynote is the best one I have found so far.
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    Turn your notes into beautiful presentations (now available)

    Eivind Lindbråten🦊 Developer, Oslo, Norway. · Written
    Markdown based 💚, super quick to create and easily change style at any time. Also great support for code blocks etc. And if you have your notes already as markdown, all you have to do is to add some slide dividers and you are done!
  8. Lachlan CampbellNYU ‘23—Hack Club/Design+JS—they/them 🌈 · Written
    If you're already an experienced React developer, Spectacle is super awesome.
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    Ludus Beta

    A limitless presentation tool for designers.

    It doesn't get more spectacular and user-friendly than this.
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    Slidebean 3.0

    Create stunning, professional presentations in minutes

    LeandroCommunity, Swell · Written
    Really slick, easy to use - can't beat it!