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What's the best Intercom alternative with a generous free tier?

I'm looking for a simple customer support tool for a low traffic project. I need just an on-site chat bubble + the option of replying asynchronously by e-mail. Intercom is great for that, but pretty expensive.
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    A beautiful, simple live chat for websites.✨

    Alex ShvalevCEO & Co-founder, Chaport Live Chat · Written
    Alex Shvalev made this product
    Chaport is a cheaper and simpler alternative to Intercom with the Forever Free Plan for 5 operators that includes an unlimited number of chats, the unlimited history, group chats and beautiful apps for Mac, Windows, Web, iOS & Android.
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    Convert leads & retain customers with marketing automation

    Soon coming with Live chat, everything else already available
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    Everything you need to deliver exceptional customer support.

    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    Give Freshdesk a spin. It has quite a generous free tier. And the best part is that it has a lot more functionality compared to Intercom. So, you get email, social media, and chat support as well.
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    Catch 'em all. Keep 'em all.

    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Freshchat is totally what you are looking for. Great pricing and incredibly powerful. It's the newest from Freshworks Inc. and packs everything for businesses of all kinds.
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    Crisp 2.0

    All-in-one solution to communicate with your customers

    Been using it for my website. Works great.
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    Drift 2.0

    A scalable way to talk to your customers

    Shivek KhuranaStoryteller - Wanderer · Written
    It has a generous free tier and is extremely easy to use. I prefer it over Crisp because of the UI (both the chat and admin UIs are well though of).
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    This is PRETTY generous!
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    Communicate personally with every single customer.

    Jeroen Corthout ☕Co-Founder Salesflare · Written
    Go for the real thing. You won't regret it. I wrote a post here about what makes the Intercom product so great: https://blog.salesflare.com/how-...
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    ProProfs Live Chat Software
    You could give ProProfs Chat a try. I mean, it also comes with a free plan that is best for people who have recently started their business or have low traffic. You can also check out their packages at their website. You’ll get an insight on what all do they have to offer through this software.