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What are your favourite products for flat-sharing? 🏠

Anything from shared pre-pay cards to help with bills/flat purchases, to IoT buttons that order you new toothpaste?
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  1. Mike Tamis
    Mike TamisFull Stack Web Developer Β· Written
    Great app that lets you all see who owes who. Lets anyone make a purchase and shows you who you need to settle with. It also has a share shopping list.
  2. 1

    Share bills and IOUs. Make sure everyone gets paid back.

    matchaiSoftware Engineer, Shutterstock Β· Written
    A cross-platform bill sharing platform that speeds up the process of settling up IOUs for a group of people. Allows for pictures of receipts to be attached to each transaction for easy tracking, as well as simple splitting options for cost distribution within a group.
    • Puja Das
      Puja Dascontributor

      A friend introduced me to split wise while we were vacationing and it's an amazing app. No more mental notes on who paid for what.

      Works great in office when we are ordering food or go out for tea :)

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    • Hanna Shylenko
      Hanna ShylenkoUI/UX Designer

      It's been nearly a year since I started to use this app. That experience pushed me to the idea that I can offer something better to all people like me. Now I have my own app called Spend Together :) Check out how it turned out:

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