KeyulMaker of Coursesity

Which is your favorite podcast?

I would like to know from the community members about their favorite podcast series that they can recommend to others.
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    An all-new Intercom

    A bold aesthetic. Simplified navigation. Faster workflows.

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    Inside Intercom takes a deep-dive approach with every episode, handing out lessons and insights on specific topics in each episode. Very handy lessons for those who are looking to start up.
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    Masters Of Scale with Reid Hoffman

    How famous founders take companies from zero to a gazillion

    Mohammed Rafy
    Mohammed RafyAll things Community · Written
    I started listening to podcast from this one recently and it's one of the best. The first season is just finished. Brian Chesky, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Reed Hastings, Eric Schmidt, etc were on the show and were simply brilliant.
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    StartUp Podcast Season 2

    Following Dating Ring, a YC company run by 2 young women

    Ish Baid
    Ish BaidFounder @ Virtually (YC S20) · Written
    I don't know another podcast that conveys how hard building a company really is than StartUp. The amazing thing about StartUp is that you get a deep insight into the founder's personal lives and what they're thinking through every step of the journey. All the episodes are flawlessly edited and the stories never cease to amaze me.
    John Amadeo
    John AmadeoCS Major at Yale · Written
    Hearing about Justin Kan and co.'s crazy startup story from selling their first company on eBay to selling Twitch to Amazon for ~$1B was incredible!
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    Planet Money

    A podcast covering the global economy

    Oliver McQuitty
    Oliver McQuittyHead of Product, HURR · Written
    Definitely has to be How I Built This, hosted by Guy Raz. Gives you a beautiful insight into how some of the world's biggest brands started out!
    Britain Green
    Britain GreenFront-end Developer, Iluminere · Written
    A fun and immersive podcast that features intimate interviews with founders.
    Ilango Rajagopal
    Ilango RajagopalFullstack Web Developer. · Written
    Hosted by Guy Raz, this is one of my favorite podcasts. It gives a lot of insights into how some of the biggest companies in the world were built. Great advice and lots of fun. My favorite episodes are with the founders of Airbnb and Reddit.
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    Indie Hackers

    Learn how developers are writing their own paychecks

    Raphaël Chabaud
    Raphaël ChabaudGrowth & Product Marketer · Written
    How to bootstrap profitable online businesses
    Tejaswi Rana
    Tejaswi RanaFounder at TinySnippt Pvt Ltd · Edited
    Love it!! First episode - "Get shit done mentality ... building the product, getting the product into the hands of the users is the top priority. Doing things like using the newest framework of writing the most unit tests.. all those matter in a professional software development environment. When you're a founder.. having code does matter, but if you obsess over it you'd be neglecting other parts of your business that are extremely important."
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    StartUp Podcast Season 2

    Following Dating Ring, a YC company run by 2 young women

    Gary Spagnoli
    Gary SpagnoliCEO, Zen Anchor · Written
    Fan of this one as well. It's like a best of reddit or best of twitter trends in podcast form.
    Harshil Shah
    Harshil ShahI make apps and stuff · Written
    Disclaimer: This is not quite a show about the internet, at least not in the capacity that fellow nerds on here might expect. But still loads of fun, and absolutely hilarious
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    Exponent - 53: Connect the Dots

    The value of optionality before you know where you're going.

    James Ellis
    James EllisEmployer Brand Nerd · Written
    Hands down, some of the smartest thinking about businesses, markets and strategy online today.
    gokulNot a fanboy. Tech enthusiast. · Written
    +1. Ben Thompson and James Allworth are an absolute pleasure to listen to.
    John Amadeo
    John AmadeoCS Major at Yale · Written
    Ben's clarity of thought and original thinking is always insightful, and James makes a great sparring partner :D
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    Y Combinator Podcast

    Y Combinators new podcast on starting a startup

    Raphaël Chabaud
    Raphaël ChabaudGrowth & Product Marketer · Written
    The reference in entrepreneurship
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    The Tim Ferriss Show - The Person I Call Most for Startup Advice

    AngelList CEO Naval Ravikant on life, business and everythi…

    This is one of the few podcasts I follow & I love it. Specially this episode of Tim with Naval Ravikant, I think I listen to it 20 times already.
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    Stanislav Dimitrov
    Stanislav DimitrovJuggling too many projects. · Written
    This podcast has became a staple of my life... :)
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    Mixergy Startup Stories

    Learn from 1000+ interviews including the Product Hunt story

    Desmond Suarez II
    Desmond Suarez IIFounder of Signify · Written
    Great interviews of fantastic entrepreneurs.
    Yep, probably my favourite too.
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    This Week In Startups - Episode 578 Tim O'Reilly

    WTF Economy takes on how tech is transforming the workforce…

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Great show that takes a really deep dive into what's currently going on in the startup world. Jason is a great host and he has plenty of awesome founders and investors that talk about a wide variety of industries.
    KeyulMaker of Coursesity · Written
    It is one of the longest running podcast. It is a great collection with startup founders, angel inveators, vc, pitch competition etc. Find the detailed talk about all unicorns when they were early stage startups.
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    Y Combinator Startup School Radio - Ep. 15: Ryan Hoover & Harry Zhang

    YC partner, Aaron Harris, chats with Product Hunt's Ryan Ho…

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    Being a PH fan, this is one of the favourites. @rrhoover talks through the early days of Product Hunt, thinking behind it and definition of a 'product'. I wish I could see Same series, other favourites - Ep. 6 (Getting things done) and Ep. 37 (whisky balls and no-code).
  13. Raphaël Chabaud
    Raphaël ChabaudGrowth & Product Marketer · Written
    broad insightful podcast
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    High Resolution

    A video series on design with 25 masters of the industry!

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatiadesign @mercury · Written
    Love High Resolution. The discussions are amazing, and I learn about 5+ new things in each episode!
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    a16z Podcast: Bots and Beyond

    How can we keep bots in perspective — beyond the fad?

    Very insightful, in-depth, and covers a wide variety of topics. Hosts are great, and guests are even better.
    Cover a variety to topics related to running a startup and also deep-dives on latest tech.
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    Nerdist - 705: Paul Rudd

    Paul Rudd is funny, nice, and charming. Great episode.

    Tejas Kinger
    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    Marketing school by Neil Patel is an excellent podcast. Quick 10-minute long episodes that give you great insights/learnings to stay up to date with marketing trends.
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    Freakonomics - What's more dangerous, marijuana or alcohol?

    How would we weigh the relative benefits and costs of alcoh…

    Based on the Freakonomics book, this podcast explores the hidden and interesting relationships with statistics and data. Always interesting and with a really great host. Stephen is really great at explaining complex ideas and getting the best information out of his guests.
    Prasanna Pegu
    Prasanna PeguLearning to learn. · Written
    Freakonomics is the podcast that I eagerly wait for every week.
  18. Brady
    BradyDeveloper, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker · Written
    Fantastic firsthand accounts of starting a business
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    Charged newsletter

    Weekly roundup of tech, boiled down into bite sized pieces

    AleksandraProduct Marketing · Written
    My favourite podcast so far. It is literally 'tech under the hood'. Once a week the hosts cover all the biggest news and issues in the tech industry, and it is fun and informative. Totally recommend!
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    Ultimate SaaS Guide

    100 Q&A asked around scaling, sales and raising capital.

    Raphaël Chabaud
    Raphaël ChabaudGrowth & Product Marketer · Written
    Probably to most listened SaaS podcast