AlexEnter the 8bit

What's a super simple diary/journaling app?

Somthing really minimal, almost like the Apple note app?
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. 🧠✍️✅

    Dionis Loire made this product
    I have a personal workspace in Taskade to keep all my personal diaries and journals. It is simple and elegant.
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    Day One 2.0

    Ground-up rewrite of the best journal for Mac and iPhone

    It is super simple. You can also change change date and enter events from past which I love.
    *disclosure: i used to work for this team but i was a user before and after working there* Day One is far above the competition. Kinda sad to see these other notes like Google Keep and OneNote above Day One here. Don't get me wrong, I use Google Keep for other thoughts, notes, etc., but for journaling, Day One is the best, bar none.
    I love this app! The UI is really beautiful and it pulls in things automatically too like the weather or the pictures from that day. It's simple to use and works across mac/ios seamlessly!
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    Google Keep

    Save your thoughts, wherever you are

    Tejas KingerPMM @ Plum | Prev. @ Freshworks Hiver · Written
    Can't get simpler than this!
    Amruth PillaiMaker of Reactive Resume · Written
    I use it all the time, it's simple, easy to access, and it's by Google <3
    Gregor B. RosenauerSenior software developer in semantics · Written
    It's simple yet powerful with labels, color coding and media support and comes built in with Android. Only wish it had more viewing options (e.g. list) and allow back dating...
  4. Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    Not sure if Journey is on iOS as well, but I found it really useful when I was keeping a simple journal ahead of my first baby's birth.
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    Five Minute Journal App

    The simplest, most effective way to be happier every day

    John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    I like this app, super simple and easy to use!
  6. Dre Durr💡Growth is the only thing that matters · Written
    Microsoft is still kinda cool
    Kshitij ShahFintech Product Manager · Written
    Easy to use and sync. Just jot down and close
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    The customisable journal app

    Shashwat PradhanCEO/Founder @emberify · Written
    Shashwat Pradhan made this product
    You can customise it as much as you want. If you want something barebones, then Apple Notes
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    A beautiful, flexible writing app for notes and prose

    David Adamudesigner of the future 🦄✨ · Written
    Minimal & effective 👌🏽
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    Grid Diary

    The simplest way to get started with keeping a diary

    Julie ScheurlFashion Asst., Harper's Bazaar Germany · Written
    I prefer to have a few daily Q&As, which can be customized as well. It helps me keep a straightforward log and steers me away from blundering on and on.
    yibieVice Editor in Chief, ifanr · Written
    Simple, and you can ask yourself some useful question daily, improve your life quatity.
    Arieh MovtadyProduct Designer @aspire_feed · Written
    Simple tool yet powerful
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    1. Set up lists by time period or by project. 2. Set up a card for each topic you're journaling about. 3. Update cards in the moment from mobile device. 4. At the end of the week/month/project, export the notes with Chrome Export for Trello or use Zapier
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    Things 3.0

    Complete revamp of the original, award-winning task manager

    Stowe Boydfuturist, researcher, imperfectionist · Written
    I use Things 3.0 as a task manager *and* a journal. I haven't written this up yet, but plan to.
  12. Chad OstrowskiFounder, Entire.Life · Written
    Chad Ostrowski made this product
    More geared toward week-by-week journaling, but can work for daily journaling, too. Keeps you focused on the big picture. If it could work better, let me know how!
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    Dabble Me

    A private journal that works over email.

    This would be super killer if it was over SMS.
  14. Similar to Day One, been around a long time, integrations with apps like Uber, Moves, FourSquare, etc., for some quantified self-styled journaling.
  15. Ramesh GhimireStartup entrepreneur. · Written
    It is a cross platform journal app I have been using for several years. It does not disturb you, you can write however you want and has tags, weather etc. extras
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    Tumblr 4.0 (iOS)

    You’ll probably never be bored again.

    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    Tumblr is also an option if you want to share any of the posts publicly.
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    Journaling meets mood & habit tracking... in style!

    Horea BurcaCo-Founder, · Written
    Horea Burca made this product
    Simple and effective
  18. Flawless import from Day One. Interesting / unique journaling prompts.
    A different type of journal app yet simple.
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    iA Writer 4

    Embed images, tables and text as blocks of content in text

    Dhvanil PatelDesigner at Playment · Written
    Really easy to use, very minimal and syncs well between Apple devices.
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    Medium 2.0

    A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

    AlexEnter the 8bit · Written
    I sometimes use Medium drafts to journal. (I don't publish them)