What is the best iOS app to manage emails with aliases as well as have multiple accounts connected?

I'm trying to find an inbox that can handle aliases, have multiple accounts connected and be able to conveniently switch between inboxes easily such as the Apple mail app does.
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  1. They have an iOS app as well. I find it very convenient since it is well connected with all the G-services and it lets you have aliases, multiple accounts and much more.
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    Spark by Readdle

    Fast, smart and beautiful email client for iOS

    Spark can handle email aliases, multiple accounts and has a fairly standard inbox switching. plus plenty of must-have features for most people. Spark is also available for both iOS and macOS.
  3. Keir WilliamsOfficer at @TheGreenParty · Written
    It can do all of the above with the addition of multiple signatures per account that you can swipe between. All of this can be synced between devices via iCloud.