kabandi saikiaCo-founder @ getomnify

What is the best tool for referral marketing?

I am looking for a plug and play Referral marketing tool for my SaaS platform getomnify.com. I have checked out Referral candy, but is there a cheaper alternative to that? Thanks
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    Viral Loops for Startups

    Virality for startups made easy 💪

    Lisa SivaFounder at Samwise · Written
    Hey, Kabandi—I'm a huge fan of Viral Loops. They've created about half a dozen different plug-and-play campaigns, each of them inspired by a successful referral program from the likes of Robinhood, AirBnb, and Dropbox. Currently using the Harry's-style milestone program, which was super customizable and easy to install, despite not being a coder. Best of luck with Omnify! I've seen firsthand the archaic software karate dojos use—it's about time health/fitness professionals had better options.
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  2. Fiona Martin-MuirMarketing Coordinator, RewardStream · Written
    Hi Kabandi! I work at RewardStream and we make customizable referral programs to scale. Our price point is lower than Referral Candy and we offer the same tools and support, with a few unique features. Feel Free to message me to get more info or to book a demo.
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    Build viral campaigns and get new customers

    Ish BaidFounder @ Virtually (YC S20) · Written
    I can't recommend Kickoff labs enough. It's built to generate sign ups through virality. It's incredibly easy to throw a landing page together. From there, KickoffLabs does a lot of the work. It'll automatically generate share links and allow you to provide incentives people to sign up + share with their friends.