kabandi saikia
kabandi saikiaCo-founder @ getomnify

What is the best tool for referral marketing?

I am looking for a plug and play Referral marketing tool for my SaaS platform getomnify.com. I have checked out Referral candy, but is there a cheaper alternative to that? Thanks
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    Viral Loops for Startups

    Virality for startups made easy 💪

    Lisa Siva
    Lisa SivaFounder at Samwise · Written
    Hey, Kabandi—I'm a huge fan of Viral Loops. They've created about half a dozen different plug-and-play campaigns, each of them inspired by a successful referral program from the likes of Robinhood, AirBnb, and Dropbox. Currently using the Harry's-style milestone program, which was super customizable and easy to install, despite not being a coder. Best of luck with Omnify! I've seen firsthand the archaic software karate dojos use—it's about time health/fitness professionals had better options.
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    • Niv Dror
      Niv DrorVC at Shrug Capital

      Viral Loops have been AMAZING for a couple of different campaigns we've been doing at Product Hunt, and the team is so helpful. The tools they have to help people to share and encourage virality really do work. I recommend 100%.

    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @ pickSaaS.com

      One of the best referral marketing solutions out there to create viral campaigns for your startups.

  2. Fiona Martin-Muir
    Fiona Martin-MuirMarketing Coordinator, RewardStream · Written
    Hi Kabandi! I work at RewardStream and we make customizable referral programs to scale. Our price point is lower than Referral Candy and we offer the same tools and support, with a few unique features. Feel Free to message me to get more info or to book a demo.
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    Build viral campaigns and get new customers

    Ish Baid
    Ish BaidI build things · Written
    I can't recommend Kickoff labs enough. It's built to generate sign ups through virality. It's incredibly easy to throw a landing page together. From there, KickoffLabs does a lot of the work. It'll automatically generate share links and allow you to provide incentives people to sign up + share with their friends.