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Laef ๐Ÿถ๐ŸฑProgrammer and co-creator, FindALostPet

What is your favourite free tool for posting to multiple social networks at once?

What tool do you use to post to multiple social networks (eg. Facebook Pages, Twitter, and all the rest)? What has the best analytics? What product provides the best features for free?
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    Matti HeubnerMarketing at Iris Health ยท Written
    Buffer is IMO the best tool out there to do that :)
    Lachlan CampbellNYU โ€˜23โ€”Hack Club/Design+JSโ€”they/them ๐ŸŒˆ ยท Written
    Buffer, for sure. Scheduling, analytics, cross-posting, and more are built right in. Love it.
    Rafaella TheocharousGreat products sell themselves ยท Written
    Definitely Buffer! Easy to use but also, you can check the analytics of each post!
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    The only way to organize your marketing in one place.

    Nora ConradOwner of NoraConrad.com ยท Written
    I LOVE CoSchedule. I've used Hootsuite, Buffer and Meet Edgar and I prefer CS to all of them. It's so easy to use, the layout is perfect and you can plan much more than just social posts. We use it for campaigns, blog posts, podcasts, videos and much more.
    Lisa SivaFounder at Samwise ยท Written
    If you're creating not just social content, but editorial content as well, I can't recommend CoSchedule enough. You can schedule all of your tweets, Facebook posts, G+ posts, etc. around each piece of content, using a consistent recipe, so you never have to wonder, "Did I ever reshare that article?"
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    Post content to multiple social platforms from your mobile.

    Bruce Kraft Jr.Saas viral growth, Brand Creator, CMO ยท Written
    They allow picture uploads to pinterst and linkedin & dropbox, all of which are often ignored.
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    Chris BoucherStartup, Product Dev & Manuf Consultant ยท Written
    A great competitor of Buffer, both have pros and cons. Hootsuite is interesting as you can find some content already curated for re-posting. It is not too expensive as well. Just get used to it and you will probably love it. In addition, it also has a plugin for Chrome to schedule right from your browser a webpage.
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    Alin VladCMO, CyberGhost ยท Written
    I've been using Amplifr for several days now and just switched over to the lifetime plan (they have a deal on Appsumo https://appsumo.com/?r=4Pvy). It's very fast and have a great UX. I've used Buffer & Hootsuite in the past.
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    Nick AbouzeidGrowth @ Ramp ยท Written
    Heard good things about Hootsuite!
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    Recur Post
    Michael SimI'm a designer. http://michaelsim.me ยท Written
    If you have a ton of archival content, such as 100's of blog posts, and you want to drip-feed and recycle that content to multiple social networks, this does the job and is a better pricepoint than http://meetedgar.com.
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    The command center for your social media team

    Vlad CalusCo-Founder ยท Written
    Vlad Calus made this product
    Planable is social media content collaboration platform for agencies, freelancers and marketing team. We bring team members and social content on the same page for better, faster brand storytelling. With Planable you can create social media posts, preview exactly how it looks like, exchange feedback, get approval and schedule posts directly to social media.