What's the best app for lazy people who want to get a handle on their finances?

Looking for the best personal finance app that can tell me how much I can spend today, without doing any work apart from connecting my bank account.
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    Spendee 2.0

    See where your money goes

    May try this :)
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    For tech product experts.

    Kfir Zaltsman made this product
    Hi Andrew, Freesist lets you find experts willing to assist for free. There are some financial experts who may assist with a good financial planning for you.
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    Notion PM

    The perfect workspace to manage projects with your clients

    Lisa SivaFounder at Samwise · Written
    I'm late to the Mint party—two years ago, I was literally typing all my expenses into a little note on my iPhone—but it's fabulous for a reason. You can track all your expenditures, get a pretty decent estimate of your net worth, and even keep tabs on your investment portfolios. Based on your current spending habits, Mint automatically suggests budgets on your behalf, which I find super helpful.