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What is the best tools for internal communication?

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    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

    Alin VladCMO, CyberGhost · Written
    Game changing tool
    Gavin JonesFounder, Elixel · Written
    Can't recommend this enough. Great way to create searchable conversations within a team. There are also some great community channels.
    Arun Sathiya4Happiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    Slack is a boon to companies of any size. Fits in just right and makes communication easier.
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    Real-time team messenger tool

    It does everything you'd want from a communication tool. Is simple to use and has a clean, intuitive interface. The best part, the premium plan is much more affordable than Slack. Besides, there's unlimited integrations on the free plan and comes with a powerful platform that enables building/integrating apps and services.
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    Make your teamwork better

    Philipp Bohn4VP Circuit and CEO blueKiwi software · Written
    Philipp Bohn made this product
    Internal comms with chat, files and communities, but also external collaboration with voice, video and screenshare. The free version includes unlimited messages and screen share. You don‘t have to use more than 1 tool for collaboration!
  4. Works perfect for team communication and collaboration. Visibility is key of the app. Best tool for teams located remote.
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    There’s more to work than keeping up with group chat

    Ryan AbramsFounder, ABR Media Group · Written
    Nice Slack alternative. I've been enjoying it so far but have only recently begun to experiment with it.
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  6. Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    A good Slack alternative works well for communication between teams.
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    Mattermost 1.0

    Open source Slack alternative

    Matt Warcholinski💻📈Building highly scalable JS apps · Written
    Open-source alternative to Slack. Doesn't look so fancy, but gives you almost the same as Slack for free.
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    Efficient video meetings with up to 12 people!

    Matt Warcholinski💻📈Building highly scalable JS apps · Written
    Video conference tool without installing anything. Send a link to a video chat, share desktop. Alternative to: Skype (need to install), Zoom
  9. Matt Warcholinski💻📈Building highly scalable JS apps · Written
    Easy way for developers/designers/admins to remotely control your desktop
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    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    Matt Warcholinski💻📈Building highly scalable JS apps · Written
    Great project management tool to communicate tasks/scope of those and to have everything in one place
  11. Bill MitchellDirector, GarageSeeds · Written
    We use Fleep, Internal and external communications. External participants are not required to sign up.
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    WhatsApp Messenger

    WhatsApp calling -- free voice calls now on iOS

    Nitin GoheliOS Developer with 6+ years of exp · Written
    Easy to communicate & available at everywhere. work on lite internet connection as well
  13. HaxonCreative Director / Designer / Artist · Written
    Well it does everything slack does ( of course for teams that don't want apps and integrations ), plus it keeps your messages forever!
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    Atlassian's new group messaging and video meeting platform

    Matthias EsterlWeb/Interactive Developer, ANIMAL · Written
    Stride by Atlassian seems to be an upcoming Slack competitor..
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    Basecamp 3

    The best version of Basecamp ever made

    Nadia SotnikovaUI Design, Illustration, Remote Teams 🚀 · Written
    I'd say Slack, but depending on what you do Basecamp 3 can also be great
  16. Enterprising Josh made this product
    Bitrix24 is definitely one of the best free internatl communications plantforms. You can think of it as Slack+SharePoint+Yammer+Asana in one - https://www.bitrix24.com/uses/in...
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    Telegram 4.0

    The best messenger for every platform

    Alexey UmilinGetSiteControl fan and co-founder · Written
    The most convenient messenger I have ever seen
  18. Xiaojun LiPrincle One (https://www.princle.com) · Written
    Xiaojun Li made this product
    Many people suggested Slack, but I think Slack is best for "collaboration", and its primary content generation source is from its native desktop version, not from mobile. You asked for the best tools for internal "communication", I think it is different from "collaboration ". Princle One was designed ground-up with the focus to address group mobile communication needs by providing powerful functionalities and easy access for any groups and organizers to greatly improve their mobile productivity on a daily basis. Princle One supports very large groups and presents group discussions in threaded structures that are easy to understand, follow, and search through. The powerful group admin functions give organizers efficient tools for managing topics, surveys, events, alerts, invitations, batch invite, interactive notifications, social sharing and much more. Princle One protects user identity throughout the app, so everyone can participate group chats safely without compromise of privacy. Princle One does not disclose or share any member contact information to any third-party vendors.
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    Outplanr + Slack

    Check your Outplanr team status and add new tasks from Slack

    Filipa Nascimento made this product
    Outplanr turns your to do lists into a work plan. It’s a team work planner which helps you balance your and your team work-life, by delegate and tracking everyone tasks in real-time and planning your work for all week. Also, to improve our internal communication, we integrated Outplanr with Slack.
  20. Nandini SharmaMarketing Engineer · Written
    It is an ideal internal team collaboration/ communication tool that provide teams with a combination of project/task management tools coupled with real-time chat/communication. It is the perfect place for every conversation, and brings sanity in the way you and your teams communicate within office.