Bruce Kraft Jr.Saas viral growth, Brand Creator, CMO

What's the Live Streaming Video platform that streams to all networks from a single mobile device?

I've seen social influencers like Matthew Santoro use his phone to stream to all live video platforms (he says he wanted to fill all of his fans on all of his live video platforms monday morning and he gives shoutouts to people from all different networks while laying on a couch) at the same time, as well as be able to read comments from all of the platforms he is streaming on. I've seen desktop services that do that, but never from a phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Webinars & live streams that don't suck.

    Benn RaistrickFounder - Gravita · Written
    I think this service offers, multiple channel streaming. It's something we've been looking into also.
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  2. Bruce Kraft Jr.Saas viral growth, Brand Creator, CMO · Written
    Hopefully, this will fill in the gap that Switchboard live has left open without having a mobile solution.
  3. Allwyn MacdivineCreative Technologist and tech writer. · Written
    Vplayed’s simulcast streaming, maximize live content reach across multiple platforms effortlessly.