What's the best app for creating simple proposals with templates?

I'm looking for an app that can create simple proposals with templates associated. It doesn't need to be too complex, and it doesn't need to integrate with any kind of app or CRM. Thanks!
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    Free email template builder for designers and developers

    Ivan Burban
    Ivan Burban10Head of Digital Marketing at Stripo · Written
    Ivan Burban made this product
    if you need email templates and easy way to edit them you should try Stripo.email
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    Yuriy34Marketing Manager @ Ardas · Written
    Use Stripo to make any proposal, email or document. Handy drag-n-drop and exports to HTML, PDF, Outlook, Gmail or top ESP will help a lot. Choose out of 260+ pre-designed templates.
    • Anna
      AnnaEmail marketer, copywriter

      In fact, I like it that my colleagues have a shared Stripo account. Convenient when a large number of people need to have access to work on and edit same projects. Would love to embed in my SaaS

    • Nastasiya Burban
      Nastasiya BurbanBusiness Analyst at Sprinkle Group S.A.

      We had a separate person, who has created adaptive emails for our company. Now we don't need it anymore. As a Business Analyst I spent a few hours for creating more than 25 emails. Stripo really decreases expenses.

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    Simple online proposal software for designers and studios

    Nathan Powell
    Nathan PowellFounder of @nusiiapp · Written
    Nathan Powell made this product
    Hey César! Nusii is an online proposal SaaS. I'm completely biased, but I can say that we've intentionally kept all the fluff out to make it as simple and streamlined as possible. You can create and use as many proposal templates as you like! If you have any questions, drop me a line. Good luck Nathan
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    An app to design, share & track amazing marketing materials

    Pedro Marques
    Pedro MarquesProduct Designer, Booking.com · Written
    They have been doing a great job on that field and they recently launched their new version with more templates and so on
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    Close more deals with PandaDoc proposal software

    With PandaDoc, you can find proposals, contracts, agreements, quotes, or other samples of documents. 450+ templates to jump-start your business https://www.pandadoc.com/templates/
    Brittany Fuller
    Brittany FullerTinkering & typing @ Resume.io · Written
    I've used a lot of document tools over the years but PandaDoc's templates make it so easy and fast to send documents. Plus their custom design options look great.
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    IOFinance UI kit

    Banking and wallet UI kit

    RomanWhiteOnWhite Digital · Written
    Another great kit for financial projects. All that you need to display your ideas fast.
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    Contracts, invoices, and expenses for digital freelancers

    Nader J Aboulhoson
    Nader J AboulhosonDigital Marketing Consultant · Written
    This doesn't just give you templates for proposals but also helps you on your contracts and general flow.
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    A simpler way to deliver winning proposals to clients.

    Benjamin Powell
    Benjamin PowellFounder Adsoup.com & Startup Infomaniac · Written
    Simple to use, solid templating features, decent pricing and very well intergrated with quickbooks and zapier
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    Proposals For Creatives

    Anna Filou
    Anna FilouTech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator · Written
    I haven't tried this personally but looks really cool and the guys that made it are actively improving it.
    • Juan Germano
      Juan GermanoDesigner based in Buenos Aires

      Prospero allowed me to look way more pro before clients, and in some cases it even helped me get projects I thought impossible.

  9. Lydia Sellers
    Lydia SellersProduct Growth, Pathwright · Written
    I recently started using Qwilr, and it's been a really great experience so far. Very intuitive and not overly complicated. You can create your own templates. ✅
  10. Roman
    RomanWhiteOnWhite Digital · Written
    You can use this UI kit to build some good looking prototype very fast.
  11. Jeroen Corthout ☕
    Jeroen Corthout ☕6Co-Founder Salesflare · Written
    If you like to create beautiful proposals in no time, incl. signing, payments, ... Better Proposals is your best pick.
    G. NARENDRA BABUSocial Media Specialist. · Written
    Having 250+ web pop-ups and different style of templates for email marketers also having a free trial option.