What's the best app for creating simple proposals with templates?

I'm looking for an app that can create simple proposals with templates associated. It doesn't need to be too complex, and it doesn't need to integrate with any kind of app or CRM. Thanks!
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    An app to design, share & track amazing marketing materials

    Pedro MarquesProduct Designer, Booking.com · Written
    They have been doing a great job on that field and they recently launched their new version with more templates and so on
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    A simpler way to deliver winning proposals to clients.

    Benjamin PowellFounder Adsoup.com & Startup Infomaniac · Written
    Simple to use, solid templating features, decent pricing and very well intergrated with quickbooks and zapier
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    Simple online proposal software for designers and studios

    Nathan PowellFounder of @nusiiapp · Written
    Nathan Powell made this product
    Hey César! Nusii is an online proposal SaaS. I'm completely biased, but I can say that we've intentionally kept all the fluff out to make it as simple and streamlined as possible. You can create and use as many proposal templates as you like! If you have any questions, drop me a line. Good luck Nathan