What's the best Netflix streaming device?

I have been researching this and it appears the hardware is changing so rapidly that older answers to this question are no longer accurate. Given that the new Roku contains 1080p and 5.1 audio, is it now as good/better than the PS3? I want to buy the very best possible Netflix streaming device. Here is what I am considering at present. I looked for Netflix streaming product marketing video. (1) Roku XDS (2) Apple TV (3) LG brp-550 (4) Oppo brp-93 (5) PS3 Is there anything else? Which is the very best?
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    Apple TV

    New Apple TV running tvOS

    I'll argue that there's no "Very Best" Netflix device. All are capable of doing what it needs to do, which is allow you to stream content from Netflix on demand. I personally use the Apple TV as my primary streaming device and have never had any issues with it. It's a commitment worth making if you're bought into the Apple ecosystem like I am.
    "It just works" :)
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    All-New Amazon Fire TV Stick
    In addition to owning an Apple TV, I also own the new Fire TV Stick because I like watching content through Prime Video. There's a Netflix app as well as other apps from content providers like HBO, Hulu, Twitch, etc. Generally speaking, I like my Fire TV Stick, but I do wish that both the UI and user experience were better. A big advantage for the Fire TV Stick is its price, and Alexa integration is pretty sweet too.
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    Chromecast 2

    Google's thumb-sized media streaming device

    Blazej MarciniakCEO at Sher.ly: smart synced local cloud · Written
    Without a doubt Chromecast. Using it every day, works great with all streaming apps, no matter if you're on Google or Apple phone
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    Playstation 4 Pro

    Playstation gaming consoles

    Don't think there is the "very best", just the "most convenient" for you ;) I use Netflix via Chromecast, my Smart TV and the PS4. Really depends on the context, I'll use the Chromecast if I have my phone in hand; I'll use Netlix via Smart TV when my phone is dead; and Netflix on the PS4 if I get bored of running people over in GTA. They all run on 4K, so there's no real answer to what's the best device, probably just which device is the most convenient in a given scenario:) E.g. if you get the PS4 Pro and you don't really game, it probably wouldn't suit you :P