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What are good Mac apps for lecture note-taking?

What are some of the interesting apps for taking lecture notes? It should support folders or notebooks. Actually looking for OneNote alternatives but I'm open to any interesting one too.
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    A beautiful, flexible writing app for notes and prose

    Daniel Rivera
    Daniel RiveraA designer with an app addiction. · Written
    Super simple and clean, supports Markdown syntax. It's free if you just want to use on Mac or iPhone but if you want to use iCloud sync it's 14.99 a year.
    • Justin Deardorff
      Justin DeardorffHunter/Gatherer of Ideas

      I searched high and low for a replacement to the Mac OS default Notes app, which is incredibly limited in functionality and insufficient for my needs. I had one twist - I needed to find a note taking app for Mac that did not sync or store notes in the cloud. Bear does just that and it happens to be great. I really enjoy the hashtag categorization system and ability to have multiple tags on a note. It's a twist on Evernote style tags, but with a lighter-weight style of notebook organization and management.

    • Scot Krueger
      Scot KruegerFounder of

      Overall I love Bear. It is beautifully designed. I love the simple interface and the ability to tag notes is amazing. It makes searching for old notes so much easier. This is better than Apple Notes and I love it so much more than Evernote.

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    Note taking gets even simpler

    John Ababseh
    John Ababseh10Epiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Has a simple interface and syncs everywhere easily.
    • Emily Kellert
      Emily Kellerttech lover & travel freak & tractive PM

      Absolutely love Evernote. Use it for work and personal use and that is easy with the ability to make notebooks. Tags are super helpful as is annotating a document or editing a picture with Skitch. Makes my life easier and more organized!

    • David Neira
      David NeiraChape Fitness - Online Personal Training

      Evernote is a platform that allows you to organize, store, share and then search your information. Evernote impacts a business's productivity by streamlining the collection and distribution of critical information by enhancing its retrieval. Evernote's gives your business enhanced control of the information you own or information already collected by your employees. It's your business. It's your information.

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    Ulysses III

    A powerful writing tool for Mac, iPad, and iPhone

    NathanIT student and full-stack web dev · Edited
    Has subdirectory support I was looking for and also supports Markdown syntax (love it!).
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    Outline for Mac

    Your digital notebook, with local storage and cloud sync.

    NathanIT student and full-stack web dev · Written
    Because OneNote doesn't run smooth enough on macOS. Outline supports subdirectory too.
  5. The WikityWidget is a personal wiki for the macOS Dashboard. If you are unfamiliar with what wiki is, think of it as a quick way to link notes together using WikityLinks.
  6. "Notefile lets you make quick notes and view them easily, on all your devices. It’s available as a Mac app, a Dashboard widget, and a universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Your notes sync automatically with iCloud, or our own Junecloud sync. Our Mac app can show in your Dock or your menu bar, and it’s a compact window that stays out of the way."
  7. Alice Tribuleva
    Alice TribulevaHacking productivity and nutrition. · Written
    Would you mind to try Vivie? Vivie is a notes app for web I'm building in my spare time. I use it myself as a personal wiki and to share short notes with friends and family. It's still super-early and feedback is much appreciated!