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What's the best password manager for Mac?

I have tried a lot of password managers but I ended up using LastPass just because it's very easy to use, but I can't stand the poor design any more. Any suggestionts?
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  1. Kate
    Kate53Head of Social @ GitHub · Written
    There's a reason all of us are saying the same thing and it's because you need to know that this is genuinely the best product on the market. It's got the greatest features (filter by weak passwords, websites that have security risks recently, etc) and seriously solid UI / UX (which Mac users are known to be snobs about 🙋) and you can use it effortlessly across all of your Apple devices (I haven't tried on non-Apple).
    Ben Lang
    Ben Lang26Serial hunter · Written
    I'm a fan of 1Password, works really well across all devices.
    Alex Andrews
    Alex AndrewsMarketing Manager · Written
    I use 1Password about 20 times a day, it is fantastic.
  2. 11
    Secrets 2

    Simple, secure password manager for Mac and iOS

    João Alfaiate
    João AlfaiateProduct designer at Enough Pepper · Written
    Secrets is a simple, light and secure password manager with a great user interface.
    Hugo Sousa
    Hugo SousaiOS Developer @ Plex · Written
    I use Secrets. It's secure and amazingly simple to use. It's also beautifully crafted, and I'm a sucker for eye-candy on my apps.
    João Antunes
    João Antunesco partner, Survs · Written
    This is a simple, beautiful one time payment solution. It's perfect if you only own Apple devices and you want a great password manager without a needless subscription attached to it. It's secure, handy, and you can use it for notes or other Secrets
  3. 4

    Best Password Manager & Secure Digital Wallet.

    Julien Gomez
    Julien GomezFounder, EEWORX · Written
    Dashlane is a very good one too! Browser extensions, mobile app,.... everything exists & works well!!
  4. 4
    LastPass 4.0

    UI overhaul. Emergency access.

    Neil Cocker
    Neil CockerFounder - · Written
    I love LastPass. Not tried any of the others, but LP has always worked for me!
    Jamie McIntyre
    Jamie McIntyreFounder, Rewire Capital · Written
    Been my goto since it came out.
    Avinash Bajaj
    Avinash BajajProduct Manager, Podcaster, Entrepreneur · Written
    Not used any others, but Lastpass has really worked amazing for me so never felt the need to move away from it.
  5. 3
    Avast Passwords

    A free password manager for every device in your life

    Umit Akcan
    Umit AkcanProduct Designer @ PEER.COM · Written
    You should check Avast, works perfectly.
    Calum Webb
    Calum WebbCommunity Support Intern at Product Hunt · Written
    Absolutely, Great application across different devices and integrates really well.
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  6. 3

    A cross-platform app for secure personal data management

    Andreas Klinger
    Andreas Klinger3Remote First Capital 🏝 / AngelList ✌️ · Written
    I use an old-school password manager called KeyPassX. The upside is that it's completely open source, every version (even for older platforms) of it is still accessible and that my password file is stored on my disk (in my Dropbox to be precise). Personally i like it because i think passwords are a timeless thing that shouldnt be linked to any one company's existence