What's the best source for design inspiration?

Preferably some lesser known websites!
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    A brand new Dribbble

    Discover the world’s top designers & creative professionals

    JT Singh
    JT SinghUrbanologist at www.jtsingh.com · Written
    I love Dribbble, its real fun and the graphics are amazing and great to discover talent. However, Dribbble isn't really about real design, but more so about graphic arts. The issue these days is that people confuse the pretty visual layer part with what design actually is as a whole. Design is most importantly about designing systems, structures, processes, etc. You won't find that on Dribbble. Once again, design is much more than picture perfect motion graphics, logos, etc or how things look...design is most importantly about how things work. :)
    Ben Lang
    Ben LangCommunity @NotionHQ, angel investor · Written
    Dribbble is THE place for design inspiration. Warning, it's easy to become addicted.
    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    Dribble is amazing but I like the curated selection from Muzli better. :)
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    Muzli 2

    All the design inspiration you need

    Emily Hodgins
    Emily HodginsCOO @ Product Hunt · Written
    Check out Muzli for a lovely variety of design inspiration. Their Medium page is also a good one to follow.
    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava MandigaWriter. Learner. Marketer. · Written
    Nicely curated selection. Their Medium page is an even better read!
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    Collect UI

    Daily inspiration collected from #dailyui archive and beyond

    Ahmet Sülek
    Ahmet SülekFounder @ usepanda.com · Written
    Ahmet Sülek made this product
    I'm daily curating and categorizing from Dribbble popular shots. Now over 8000 designs saved in 147 categories.
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    Panda 4

    An easy way to keep up with industry news and inspiration

    William Channer
    William ChannerWorking on something new · Written
    William Channer made this product
    Brings everything into one place so you don't miss out on the good stuff.
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    Epic Pxls

    UI kits, icons, templates, mockups and more, free

    Ciocanel Razvan
    Ciocanel RazvanCo-Founder of EpicCoders · Written
    Ciocanel Razvan made this product
    We use this website to promote our products and other cool design resources from the web. 90% of the items are free :)
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    Online platform to showcase & discover creative work

    Viktoria Perminova
    Viktoria PerminovaUX, Product Designer at botmakers.net · Written
    Greate place to find inspiration and explore talent portfolios
    I also really like Behance as you can explore different processes of creation.
    Michal Rutrich
    Michal RutrichBe productive. Stay ahead. · Written
    Nice UX/UI, and the best content.
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    The five best design links of the day, freshly redesigned

    Five a day is just nice :)
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    Buy it on Pinterest

    Buy things directly on Pinterest.

    Justin McKissick
    Justin McKissickProduct Designer @Facebook · Written
    A ton of case studies are cross-posted from Behance, Dribbble, and other sites. Pinterest has superior search to these sites, so while if you know what inspiration you are looking for (branding, UI, etc.) It's great. Not so great on giving original credit to the designers though.
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    Pttrns Library

    Level up and become a better interface designer

    Marlon Wayne
    Marlon WayneFounder @ Impulse · Written
    I'm surprised no one has mentioned pttrns, yet. This website is incredible for mobile design as it can be sorted by OS, page type (e.g. onboarding, messaging), and even by device type (e.g. watch, tablet). The name pttrns is entirely appropriate, as you'll start to identify certain similarities across different camera designs, for instance, and have a better understanding for why certain elements are placed where they are. I use this a lot and it's worth subscribing for access to unlimited and the secret Slack.
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    Well-designed products from all over the internet

    Mammad Emin
    Mammad EminFounder and Designer · Written
    Mammad Emin made this product
    Repick has great blog for design inspiration blog.repick.co :)
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    Discover and share design inspiration

    Johannes Klingebiel
    Johannes KlingebielInnovation @ Süddeutsche Zeitung · Written
    Big fan of designsperation, especially for more random searches.
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    The best material design, iOS & web resources, every day

    Ognjen Divljak
    Ognjen DivljakProduct Designer · Written
    UpLabs is great! :)
    Sven van der Zee
    Sven van der ZeeCo-founder Orderli · Written
    I'm a user for while right now and I love the website. They also have a slack chat if you want feedback from other designers and developers.
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    Carefully crafted UI design assets

    Shantanu Raghav
    Shantanu RaghavProduct Guy @Mobiefit · Written
    It has some best curated UI kits, wireframes & icon sets. Although its mostly paid, but is a great source of inspirations.
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    User Onboarding

    Onboarding teardowns of popular sites/services

    If the quality of a design is measured in its ability (or not) to reduce the friction required to achieve a desired result, then user onboarding experiences are a great place to find both positive and negative examples. While it's possible that many people who design for a living will reject this, I believe how well and simply the designed thing helps people achieve their desired ends is far more important than how good it looks. And Sam Hulick's User Onboarding has done a better job than I ever could making that concept concrete.
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    Muzli 2

    All the design inspiration you need

    Remy ALDASOROProduct Owner @HelloFresh - Berlin · Written
    Great way to passively get inundated of great ideas or design creations :)
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    Sketch Repo

    Collection of resources for anyone who uses Sketch

    Stefan Theofilos
    Stefan TheofilosProduct Designer, Entrepreneur · Written
    If you use Sketch, Sketch Repo is a great place to draw inspiration from
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    UI Movement 2.0

    The best UI design inspiration, daily

    ShyjalBuilding micro.company 🚀🌱 · Written
    Top 5 Interactive design newsletter is so cool :)
    RamyFull-time indie hacker since 2018 · Written
    Ramy made this product
    This is for specifically animated UI design inspiration - for those of you who care about UI design and aren't too concerned about logo design etc (I run this site btw!)
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    Designer Mill

    Collection of Best Free Design Resources

    Robert Anitei
    Robert AniteiUser Interface Designer · Written
    Robert Anitei made this product
    Great resources for inspiration and not only.
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    Little Big Details

    Your daily dose of design inspiration

    Sagi Shrieber
    Sagi ShrieberHost @ The Creativepreneur Show · Written
    Love this blog by Floris Dekker :) Features just the right interactions that make an experience memorable and emotional
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    UI Garage

    Specific mobile and web design patterns for your inspiration

    Ali R. Tariq
    Ali R. TariqPrincipal Designer, Slalom Build · Written
    I've recently become a fan of this site. It's only a few months old and it already has a ton of screens under a ton of categories.