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What is the best MongoDB client out there?

I'm looking for a reliable, fast, and usable MongoDB client that has the following features: It should allow me to... 1. Manage multiple connection configurations (including auth, ssl with certificates, ssh, etc.) 2. Create, Remove, Update, and Delete collections and documents 3. Filter documents by arbitrary criteria 4. Map/Reduce functionality would be appreciated but not required It should be... 1. Usable 2. Reliable 3. Secure 4. Fast I have tried Mongotron, but it's not as reliable as I would love and the user interface is not polished (e.g. sometimes it would close a document while I'm editing it) Any help would be appreciated, thanks! :D
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  1. They have just rebrand the product from Robomongo to Robo 3T but this remains hands down the very best client for mongodb. Clean, modern, easy to use ... aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  2. Kathryn Vargas3T Software Labs · Written
    Hi Kristian, Our Studio 3T MongoDB client definitely fits the bill. 1. Manage multiple connection configurations - Studio 3T supports direct connections, replica sets, SSH, SSL, X.509, LDAP (Enterprise) and Kerberos (Enterprise) - connect to as many databases as you can handle. 2. Create, Remove, Update, and Delete collections and documents - Studio 3T makes all these very easy to do. To add collections, right-click on a database and choose “Add Collection”. To add documents, right-click on any document field and choose “Document” > “Insert Document”. Removing/deleting collections and documents work the same: right-click the item you want to delete and choose “Drop Collection” and “Remove Document”, respectively. BTW: you can easily copy and paste collections between collections and databases. Studio 3T supports editing in-place, so just double-click any field to make changes on the spot. It also supports editing the old-school, JSON way, in case that’s how you roll ;) 3. Filter documents by arbitrary criteria - Studio 3T has a visual Query Builder which makes querying a breeze. Just drag and drop the fields you need and you can sort, filter, apply operators, etc. without typing a single parentheses or curly brace. If you prefer the shell interface, you can still write scripts like a pro using the built-in Intellishell, which autocompletes your queries. 4. Map/Reduce functionality would be appreciated but not required - Not a problem: Studio 3T supports Map-Reduce queries. Studio 3T is extremely convenient to use, reliable, secure (full compatibility with current and legacy MongoDB releases) and fast - many happy customers have told us anyway :) Feel free to try it for 14 days, and let us know what you think! Best, Kathryn (Disclaimer: I work for 3T Software Labs, the makers of Studio 3T).
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  3. Rob GravelleSenior Developer at Trading Central · Written
    Hi Kristian, I think I've got just the thing. Navicat released a Database Manager for MongoDB just a short while ago and it's quickly become the defacto tool for MongoDb administration. While I'm not a DBA (I'm a developer), I use it all the time in my IT projects and have found it to be very reliable, fast, and secure. It has all of the features that you mentioned, plus many more, including an Intelligent Object Designer, Easy Query Editing, Data Transfer and Data Synchronization wizards, as well as Smart Schema Analyzer, to name but a few. They offer a 14 day trial, so you can give it a try before buying. I think that once you do try it, you'll be impressed, as I was. Disclaimer: I am an avid user! Best regards, Rob Gravelle