Maxim ScherbakovCEO @ Tapflow

Which app/service has become the most frequently used for you from home now (because of COVID19)?

In recent weeks, great changes have been taking place around the world. For some products, big losses, for others - on the contrary, new opportunities for growth. Due to quarantines and some restrictions, which apps are you using most often now?
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    Hygger 2.0

    The all-in-one project management tool for product makers

    As remote work is a current trend, there is a real need for great task management and collaboration tool suited for distributed teams. Hygger ( ) is a powerful online tool for visual planning and collaboration, that perfectly works for virtual workgroups. You will get handy Kanban boards that are enhanced with WIP limits, Swimlanes and tracking system, high-level shareable roadmaps, smart prioritization frameworks, and many more.
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    Elen UdovichenkoHead of Content @ · Written
    I've heard Krisp has seen a spike in usage as many teams are shifting to remote work. Other than that - food/groceries delivery services, obviously :)
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    Netflix Party

    Synchronize Netflix playback with friends remotely

    AnnI love productivity and books. · Written
    It's like a life safer to those who love sharing great times with friends but are not allowed at the moment.
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    Marina TimchenkoMarketing Manager, Devart · Written
    Syncs our teams’ work and improves efficiency
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    AnnI love productivity and books. · Written
    Remote teams use Zenkit to collaborate. It helps to organize and assign tasks to team members. :p