What's a good alternative to 1Password?

With their increasingly oblique user experience it's time to explore a suitable alternative for macOS and iOS. Enpass and Secret seem interesting. Ideally with vault only shared locally over wifi and not in the cloud.
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    Newly launched Mac OS X integration for password management

    AviFreelance Developer · Written
    Native client apps available for almost all platforms. Free to use for most purposes. But vault is always stored on the cloud.
    Offline access!
    Saul Fleischman
    Saul FleischmanRiteKit Founder & CEO · Written
    We use this for the team and I use it privately as well. Great product.
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    Best Password Manager & Secure Digital Wallet.

    BastienGobelins Student & Awwwards Young Jury · Edited
    Really simple, big and strong alternative to Lastpass.
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    Myki For Teams

    Offline team password manager & authenticator

    Myki is an interesting one I've been testing out lately. Passwords only stored locally, and instead of having a "master" password like most services, it uses your touchID fingerprint. So far the experience is pretty good. It works by recognizing login/password fields like most services, and then sending a request to your phone to fill the fields. When you give permission using your fingerprint, it auto-inputs the username & password. It can create randomized passwords with lots of characters, etc. like 1Password. There are a few bugs (probably because they're new), but they are really only minor inconveniences like having to resend a login request if your phone for some reason didn't pick it up.
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    1Password was my go to password manager for years but myki changed everything! Started using it a few months back and never looked back! no passwords on the cloud and best UI for a password manager hands down definitely worth a try
    Since the Cloud has been proven to be so vulnerable (cf. the attacks/breeches/failures witnessed these past few months) using a decentralized system to store my passwords was crucial. This is the first thing that made me turn to Myki. Myki even auto-fills out the 2 factor authentication. Then I discovered a whole lot of other useful features that help me manage and store my passwords efficiently. One of them being the sharing center, that offers an easy way to store, share and track shared accounts (and revoke them too!) We can now add credit cards and myki helps autofill them securely while making an online transaction. I've been happily using it for the past 8-9 months, and definitely advice everyone to give it a shot.
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    A cross-platform app for secure personal data management

    AviFreelance Developer · Written
    Free, Open source software. Vault is stored locally so you can share it over the network. A variety of client apps is available.
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    Enpass Password Manager
    Attention on security. Simplicity and cross platform. Very affordable. UI not quick as polished as it could be.
    Cross-platform, mostly free and an awesome autocomplete on phones webforms and even apps.
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    A free, open source, and cross platform password manager.

    Sam Rye
    Sam RyePractitioner of Social & Enviro Regen · Written
    Free. Open source. Cross platform. What more do you want?!
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    Secrets 2

    Simple, secure password manager for Mac and iOS

    macOS and iOS. Simplicity and very polished look and feel. A lot more affordable than 1Pswd.
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    VIPole Private Messenger
    Tomas Johnson
    Tomas JohnsonProduct manager · Written
    VIPole in addition to free secure communications offers built-in encrypted password manager, simple and available on all platforms.