What are the best food apps for people with food restrictions?

I am looking for apps for people who have food allergies, anemia, lactose intolerance, etc.
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  1. Arnav JhunjhunwalaKeep on creating. Keep on Inventing. · Written
    The best place to know about food, nutrients, allergies and nutrition.
  2. Aleksandra5Maker @ Tealosophy, Supergirls · Written
    HelloFresh have a wonderful Veggie Food Box, that is a perfect choice for seasoned vegetarian recipes. Great for cooking salads, soups, ratatouille, and more. p.s I'm vegetarian, lactose intolerant and have numerous food allergies.
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    Happy Cow

    Find the best vegan and vegetarian options

    Kevin GuebertWorking on www.harvy.app · Written
    Find vegan and vegetarian options through the web or the accompanying apps - loads of options and restaurants in there. You can also add in restaurants that may not be in there currently and contribute back.
  4. 1

    Seasonal vegetarian recipes

    David WestProduct @ Nibble Apps · Written
    Another great veggie option!