Lolita M TaubEarly-Stage Operator + Investor

What are the best food apps for people with food restrictions?

I am looking for apps for people who have food allergies, anemia, lactose intolerance, etc.
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    Happy Cow

    Find the best vegan and vegetarian options

    Kevin GuebertWorking on · Written
    Find vegan and vegetarian options through the web or the accompanying apps - loads of options and restaurants in there. You can also add in restaurants that may not be in there currently and contribute back.
  2. Arnav JhunjhunwalaKeep on creating. Keep on Inventing. · Written
    The best place to know about food, nutrients, allergies and nutrition.
  3. AleksandraProduct Marketing · Written
    HelloFresh have a wonderful Veggie Food Box, that is a perfect choice for seasoned vegetarian recipes. Great for cooking salads, soups, ratatouille, and more. p.s I'm vegetarian, lactose intolerant and have numerous food allergies.
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    Seasonal vegetarian recipes

    David WestProduct @ Nibble Apps · Written
    Another great veggie option!