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What is the easiest way to make a facebook bot?

I am trying to make a facebook bot which acts like my email newsletter promoter, instead all messages/posts are sent to my subscriber's facebook messenger. Nothing complex, the subscriber needs to opt in, a series of welcome messages will be sent after which I can schedule a series of messages every other day (kind of lead nurturing). I should also have the flexibility to broadcast a single message to all subscribers. Tagging based on my website page visits(dont know if this is even possible) would be great. Am looking for a completely **free** tool, in my opinion upto 25k subscribers should be free after which I would have scaled enough to pay)
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    Your personal chatbot factory

    It's very easy to start with BotEngine and design the scenarios for your chatbots.
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    ManyChat for Facebook Messenger

    Create a Messenger bot to engage your audience. No coding!

    Juhan Kaarma
    Juhan KaarmaCo-founder @www.chatcreate.com · Written
    As far as I know ManyChat might be suitable for your needs. Botacademy.com is using it very effectively for the same purpose.They should have a freemium model but pretty sure you'll have "built with Manychat" somewhere then. Another option might be Chatfuel -- I've played around with it quite a lot and it's pretty straightforward.
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    • Alison T - sci
      Alison T - scicommunity manager

      I tried to deactivate ManyChat and although it says it's not on my business pages, my customers are STILL receiving messages. After contacting customer service and their messenger "bot" I still can't get anyone to write me back to help. I tried reaching out to the co-founder, so hopefully he can help. I'm very surprised I'm not seeing more posts of more unhappy customers.

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    Chatfuel for Messenger

    The intuitive bot builder with AI navigation

    I've made one with this. It was featured on Product Hunt, so you can check my "made" list for it. It's super simple and really straight forward.
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    • Greetings,

      I will be more that happy to rate the chatfuel like very good and usefull service.

      But, I've no any ideas how I can and more customers from all the world can contact with support of chatfuel for resolve issues with Zapier services.

      Dear chatfuel team HEAR your customers. We NEED YOUR HELP!


    • Osoba Osaze
      Osoba OsazeGo-To-Market Lead, Zoto

      It's been a really good experience with the platform. Unfortunately, support can be a little slow to reach

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    Build your own Siri. Speech interface for apps and devices.

    MaxI just like tech · Written
    They have templates for common commands and Facebook Messenger integration. (it's been updated since the PH post)
  5. Huy Dinh
    Huy DinhCEO at BotStar · Written
    Huy Dinh made this product
    Free to use, powerful visual builder for conversational flows and many templates to start with