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What is the best MacOS cleanup app?

Free or paid (how much?), what is your go-to utility when you're running low on disk space?
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    See & recover hidden gigabytes from your Mac disks

    Björn A
    Björn A4🇳🇱 Founder of YTCount.com · Written
    Just scan a disk and see all of your files and folders as a visual interactive map. Find an unusually large file. Preview its content, and delete if you don’t need it anymore.
    • Justin Plagis
      Justin PlagisMarketing Automation

      Recommendation for anyone trying to create space on their mac's. Got rid of over 50gb's of waste storage with this tool. Very helpful when your hdd is only 126 :)

  2. 4
    CleanMyMac 3

    Clean, optimize, and maintain your Mac.

    Not free, though I've yet to find a more full-featured and easy to use tool. It does come as a part of Setapp, which is also awesome and very much worth it.
    • Jerome Denis
      Jerome DenisExplore the sea

      I've been using CMM for almost a year and so far it works great. I've read a lot of negative reviews but CMM is a good app based on my experience, and I think you should give it a spin.

    • Reony Tonneyck
      Reony TonneyckDesigner & EV Advocate

      This is one of the first apps I install on a new computer when ever I start a new job. Use it all the time!

  3. 3
    MacFly Pro

    Smart assistant for better Mac performance

    I've just found them and freed up over 7gb on my Macbook. I like its simple interface and it has a free month of experience for Product Hunters with the code PHBIRD
  4. Jan Klimo
    Jan KlimoLockstep Labs · Written
    Tried this as a recommendation from my colleague. Free, beautiful interface, I managed to free up ~15GB in a matter of minutes 🔥