Daeshawn BallardAvid learner

What's a good tool to record my screen, voice and allows me to export the video file?

Something like viewedit, but that allows me to download the file for further editing.
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    Great screenshot sharing tool

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    How long of a screenshare? I usually use CloudApp for this. Another nice use is: if it's going to be a really short one (like for a tweet or sharing in slack). You can record as a gif.
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    Niv Dror¯\_(ツ)_/¯ · Written
    was going to recommend CloudApp as well! Lets you record video/gif/voice, makes it as easy as taking a screenshot ✨
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    Fast, free screen recording

    Kiet DuongWeb Hosting Expert, CEO at IO Zoom · Written
    I have used it to record my screen with voice, then edit as needed and exported it to youtube or save and upload.
    Anne S. KatzeffDesigner, Artist, Teacher · Written
    I started out using this. It's very easy to learn, and the quality is great. I now use Movavi, which can create longer videos and has numerous, useful features.
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    iOS 14

    Introducing widgets on the homepage, App Clips & more

    BastienGobelins Student & Awwwards Young Jury · Written
    If you're under MacOS X, Quicktime allows you to record your screen and you'll can export it as video file. And the application is native !
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    Wa'il AshshowwafFounder @ unstucklabs.com & reyets.com · Written
    Native app and works great on macOS
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    Open Broadcast
    Brandon AnzaldiSoftware Engineer @ goop · Written
    OBS Studio is free, open-source, and has the ability to record anything, from your screen, to a specific window, to a webcam. I use it when streaming, and it's quite powerful. If you're just looking for something quick, this might be a bit too involved, but I definitely recommend it.
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    loomSDK beta

    The record button for the internet

    Kyle HessFintech Product Manager · Written
    Loom is SO EASY and SO GOOD. Easy to download.