Karl Heinsen
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What are the best cost-effective video editing software/tools for social media?

Hi, I work at a startup, and I am looking for a tool that can help easily create content using both video and images, smooth transitioning, and easy to edit text overlay capabilities. Wibbitz is a good example that comes to mind, but they are just way too expensive for startups.
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    MacBook 12"

    The new 12" MacBook with a retina display

    Jordan Young
    Jordan YoungSocial Media Guru for a bunch of things · Written
    Easy to use, lots of tutorials online and is fairly capable of doing most video editing required. Also, it comes free with apple products like macs, Ipads and Iphones these days.
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    Create Social Videos With Subtitles

    Hassan Ahmed
    Hassan AhmedFounder of Veme.ly · Written
    Hassan Ahmed made this product
    Easy to use iOS App that allows you create video memes similar to UNILAD, The ODDs Bible and GaryVee! As a maker, I am releasing an update next week that allows to use produce HD video memes that you can use for Facebook Ads and Pages! I hope this helps.
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    Deprecated product
    Tiep Vu
    Tiep VuCEO of unstatic · Written
    Tiep Vu made this product
    Very powerful